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Seattle: Are Left-wing extremists instigating riots?

There was rioting overnight in Seattle, Washington and according to reports, this was not an accident.

The Daily Mail describes what happened:

A police precinct which was ‘occupied’ by protesters in Seattle for several weeks was briefly set ablaze on Sunday afternoon and 12 officers taken to hospital after protests descended into chaos. 

Rocks, bottles and an explosive device were hurled at officers, the police department said, after a peaceful protest calling for the abolition of federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, escalated dramatically.

Around 1:30pm, a secondary group of demonstrators joined in, police said, and were seen carrying baseball bats.

Notice how the Daily Mail said the peaceful protests quickly turned violent when a second group merged with the peaceful demonstrators.

Would “peaceful” protestors bring explosive devices and bats to a peaceful demonstration?

It is alleged that a small group of left-wing extremists are behind the Seattle violence. This is similar to what happened in Madison, Wisconsin when a 150 people broke off from a peaceful demonstration involving 1,000 people and starting looting and setting fires.

READ: Protesters ransack Seattle AGAIN: 12 cops are injured as demonstrators set fire to a police precinct, loot an Amazon Go store and smash windows of downtown businesses after anti-ICE rally turned violent

Below is a police report on the Seattle riots, where a police official talks about the separate group that merged with the demonstrators. Notice how she describes this violent group as organized. In other words, these are not random acts of violence. There is a plan in place:

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