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100 Chicago churches defied Illinois Gov. and had services this past Sunday

With Americans across the US demanding freedom from the lockdown, over 100 churches in Chicago had services on Sunday (May 17, 2020) in defiance of the Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker’s (D) lock down orders.

In an interview with ABC7 Chicago, Florin Cimpean, who pastors Philadelphia Romanian Church of God, stated that some of his parishioners came from Communist countries and now in the US, “feel the threat coming back.”

Most states are transitioning out of their lock down in stages, but many are questioning Governors who seem to be doubling down on businesses, organizations and even citizens that are breaking what many believe are tyrannical and even unconstitutional orders.

The Chicago churches added that their reopening this past Sunday included social distancing and limits on attendance. Some churches also provided face masks, gloves and sanitizers to parishioners.

It is uncertain if the city will follow through on Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s veiled threats to punish the churches involved. But if the city does, I expect the churches will lawyer up and fight this unconstitutional enforcement.

As previously reported, 3,500 churches in two different California networks announced they will be having services on May 31st (Pentecost Sunday), with or without the state’s permission.

Throughout scripture, we see several instances of believers practising civil disobedience including the two midwives who defied the Egyptian Pharaoh and did not kill the baby boys when the Jewish women gave birth and the Apostle Peter who said the apostles had to obey God rather than men, when ordered to quit preaching Jesus in Jerusalem.

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