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Is CDC Exaggerating COVID death counts in the US?

A recent article by the Washington Post suggests that Dr. Birx believes the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) may be exaggerating the death count for COVID by 25%.

Dr. Deborah Birx coordinates the White House coronavirus task force, and she apparently told CDC Director Robert Redfield that “there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.”

READ: Dr. Birx Reportedly Believes Coronavirus Death Toll Inflated By Up To 25%

So is there any reason to suspect the COVID death counts are exaggerated?

Hospitals are paid up to 20% more by medicare if a patient is coded as a coronavirus case. And this extra payment does not even require testing. Hospitals are also paid three times as much if the hospital puts a person on a ventilator because of the virus. READ: Yes, Hospitals Get Paid More For Coronavirus-Coded Patients, Even If They Haven’t Been Tested.

According to CBS4, in April three deaths in Colorado nursing homes were reclassified as COVID deaths, even though doctors had cited other causes as the reason. READ: Colorado’s Health Department Reclassifies Nursing Home Deaths As Coronavirus

Also in Colorado, a man who the coroner officially said had died from alcohol poisoning because he had an alcohol blood reading of .55, which is almost double the lethal limit, was changed to a coronavirus death by health officials because he also had the virus. READ: Man died of alcohol poisoning — but health officials later classified his death as coronavirus related

At a news conference, two frontline doctors, in the battle against the Coronavirus in California, told media that ER doctors are being pressured to classify deaths as coronavirus even if the doctors don’t believe that was the cause. READ: Frontline doctors who administered 5,000 coronavirus tests want to reopen, say COVID-19 similar to flu

In April, New York City added 4,000 people to the official coronavirus death count overnight, even though they were never tested. They apparently didn’t have enough testing kits so anyone with symptoms was included. The flu and the coronavirus have similar symptoms. READ: NYC Adds Nearly 4,000 People Who Never Tested Positive To Coronavirus Death Tolls

Ohio is also including people showing symptoms of the virus in its coronavirus death count, even if they were not been officially tested for the virus. READ: Ohio Health Departments Will Now Include People It Suspects Of Having Coronavirus In Official Count

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