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UK: Massive over-counting of Covid deaths reported

According to a report in the Daily Mail, there has been a massive over-counting of Covid-19 deaths in the United Kingdom, that could result in the removal of thousands of people from the country’s official coronavirus death count.

Is CDC Exaggerating COVID death counts in the US?

A recent article by the Washington Post suggests that Dr. Birx believes the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) may be exaggerating the death count for COVID by 25%. Dr. Deborah Birx coordinates the White House coronavirus task force, and she apparently told CDC Director Robert Redfield that “there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.” READ: Dr. Birx Reportedly Believes Coronavirus Death Toll Inflated By Up To 25% So is there any reason to suspect the COVID death counts are exaggerated? Hospitals are paid up to 20% more by medicare if a patient is coded as a coronavirus case. And this extra payment does not even require testing. Hospitals are also paid three times as much if the hospital puts a person on a ventilator because of the virus. READ: Yes, Hospitals Get Paid More For Coronavirus-Coded Patients, Even If They Haven’t Been Tested. According to CBS4, in April three deaths in Colorado nursing homes were reclassified as COVID deaths, even though doctors had cited other causes as the reason. READ: Colorado’s …