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Fined $1,625 for posting a vacation image to Facebook?

It’s not what you think, but when Jaz Mott from Victoria, Australia, recently answered her door, a Victorian police officer handed her a ticket for $1,652 ($1,000 US) and then simply walked away without saying a word.

Of course, Victoria is under quarantine because of the Coronavirus, and apparently Victoria police are responding to tips of people breaking the lockdown rules.

Jaz Mott and her husband Garry were fined because they had posted a photo of being at the beach, an activity now forbidden in Victoria.

But here is the catch, Jaz had actually posted a photo of their trip to the beach in June 2019. It was a memory photo and all anyone needed to do was read the post to find that out.

After she went public with her story, a police sergeant eventually responded apologizing for the fine.

However, what concerned Jaz is that she wasn’t even given a chance to explain her side of the story. This is how communist dictatorships operate. Has COVID-19 turned democratically-elected governments into totalitarian regimes?

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