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ARGENTINA 2008 – How do you birth a revival?

Resistencia, Argentina Credit: patricurcio/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Resistencia, Argentina Credit: patricurcio/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Español: ARGENTINA 2008 – ¿Cómo naciste un avivamiento?

It was now five years after receiving three Heavenly Visitations (read here and here) in which the Angel of the Lord had said “I want my Argentinian Revival to move north, the Resistencia Fountain open!”

I desperately wanted to give to the Lord what He desired. He wanted it; I wanted to give it to Him, but how?

The answer is both profound and extremely simple:

“My Father is working until now and I myself am working.” (John 5:17)

“Whatever the Father does these things the Son also does in like manner.” (John 5:19c)

How do you birth a revival? You see and you obey.

I attended a retreat weekend at Saskatchewan Beach when I was 19 years old, in 1973. A 21 year old, named John, spoke a word of God to me (prophesied). He said, “You are like a young child that lets go of his father’s hand and runs ahead and falls down scraping his knee. Then the father comes and picks you up and dusts you off and says ‘My son, stay at my side, don’t run ahead of me.’”

God was addressing my tendency to push boldly ahead instead of waiting for His instruction.

I have loved the Lord Jesus since I was 17 and now that I am almost 65 I love Him still. My cry has been Song of Solomon “Draw me after you and let us run together” (1:4a)

I have become very dependent on the Lord drawing me and then I’ll run with him. And so I prayed and I waited.

In 2008, two years after the previous trip, Alejandro Juszczuk of Resistencia, Pastor of Reyos de Luz communicated it was time for me to come again. Alejandro had completed his obedience in building this new church. It was built on the field where the tent had been in which the miracles occurred during the 1950’s.

I heard the Voice of the Lord thru this man and I ran back to Argentina with three other men, two Elders who had gone down before and another gentleman. I still didn’t know the significance of Alejandro Juszczuk or who he was in the history of revival in Argentina.

After checking into the Hotel Covadonga I was driven to my bed. The Spirit of the Lord started working me over, readying me for what He knew was going to happen. I had six Sermons driven deeply into my spirit and I saw visions of things that had to be done, things that had to be obeyed. The other three men went out to the river and prayed, I remained bedridden. I was picked up and taken to the old building where the church had met and it was explained to me that they were going to have two services closing off the usage of the old church and then they were going to have four services in the new church.

After we had our meal we went to the church and Alejandro said to me, “Peter, you speak?”

I said, “Yes Alejandro, I’ll speak.”

This was again repeated at the next service, where in pre-service prayer time as we waited on God, Alejandro said, “Peter, you speak?”

I said, “Yes Alejandro, I’ll speak.”

During one of the previous sessions in Argentina my wife brought me to a woman who relayed what had happened to her almost 10 years earlier. She had a dream and in her dream a man came and found an opening in the floor and opened a trap door and the healing well was re-opened. She told the Elders of the church at that time about her vision. She said “You are the man that I saw in the dream.”

I had treasured that word in my heart and knew that God was encouraging me to believe for greater things.

The 3rd meeting was in the new church building, much larger and brand new. A banner was being brought in to be set up in the new building. Wayne Folk had seen this banner in a vision before it was brought out and quickly came over and said, “Where’s that banner from?”

Alejandro explained that there was a man named Ed Miller who had made this banner back in the 1950’s. He was involved in the revival in different places then and Alejandro said that Ed Miller had been impacted by the North Battleford Revival in 1948 in Saskatchewan; he brought revival to Argentina.

This was a Eureka moment for me as I finally understood why God would say “I want this revival back in Saskatchewan.” Because it came from Saskatchewan! This was the first moment that all of my prayers made sense and answered why I was there.

We had the 4th & 5th meetings in the new building and I experienced a deputation of Angels in one corner, crowd of witnesses in another and the Holy Spirit rushing from behind me in a river that went from the altar over the people. I was shocked at the favor that the Holy Spirit was giving to me.

There were ministries from Europe, North America, different countries of South America, Vice-President of Harvest Evangelism in Argentina (Ed Silvosa’s ministry) was there as well as many dignitaries that should have stood ahead of me in this privilege, but each service Alejandro said, “Peter, you speak?”

I said “Yes Alejandro, I’ll speak.”

At one point the Spirit of God was moving so strongly that my interpreter broke down crying and said she couldn’t continue. The Head of YWAM International became my Interpreter. Before I spoke on the 4th night a ministry couple, that I had regarded fondly, turned in the ministerial area and she said “Why Peter?”

This strange statement jumped out of my mouth as I saw a cup out in front of me and God putting things in the cup. My reply was “That which God has given unto me, upon whom the End of the Age has come.” This, of course, was being spoken through my Interpreter.

After speaking that night I came down into the ministerial area and this couple approached me. I could tell she still had questions. When she and her husband got close to me an explosion took place, that is in the spiritual arena; this couple and myself were sent off of our feet in different directions. When I regained control I crawled towards them and they towards me, they were both crying and I prophesied over them.

They didn’t know what God had told me, for while I was in the middle of speaking that evening a word of knowledge had been given to me and the Voice of the Lord pointed to this couple. God said, “This couple are to be a sign to you, that you are to re-open the Argentinian well tomorrow. Tomorrow morning they will not be sitting in the ministerial area they will be sitting in row four on the right side looking from where you are standing at the altar. There you are to re-open the well, just beside them.”

I prayed for five years, “Lord, let your Argentinian Revival move north, the RESISTENCIA FOUNTAIN OPEN.” I could hardly wait to get to church the next morning to see if they would be sitting where God said.

What happened the next morning? Stay tuned for next Article entitled SPRING UP.

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