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2006 Argentina – The Black 666

Rio Negro River in Resistencia, Argentina Credit: Google Earth

Rio Negro River in Resistencia, Argentina Credit: Google Earth

The discovery of Clifford Long and the Resistencia revival of the 1950’s had been accomplished in the September 2005 trip. I returned to Regina, Saskatchewan with great excitement and continued to pray “Lord let your Argentinian Revival move North, the Resistencia Fountain open!”

I hoped that we were making progress and that revival annointings would show up, but I knew of no further reason to return to Resistencia.   Alejandro Juszczuk had other plans. Seven months after our first trip Alejandro asked “You come again?”

The language barrier (Spanish-English) made it hard for me to know why I would go back, but I respected this man of God and soon my wife Trish and I along with another couple were taking the 11,500 km trip to Resistencia. We arrived in the middle of a Conference. Reyos de Luz church had a a visiting minister, Julio Donati, speaking in a week-long conference. The Regina contingent checked into the same hotel where I had stayed in 2005 , the Covadonga, and then started attending the conference. I was given an interpreter who would help me know what was being said.

On the first day, during one of the breaks, I spotted a man in distress and I prophetically saw a car accident. I asked my interpreter whether they had been in a car accident. She said “No, they have not.”

This was interrupted by a voice over my shoulder saying, “Yes they have.” I turned to see Julio Donati, who, obviously was standing over my shoulder.

He then communicated with Alejandro and I was soon released to prophesy over everybody. Over the next 3-1/2 days, during breaks, my wife and I, and the other couple, ministered individually to all the people attending the conference. It seemed to be about 350 people. It required all the physical stamina that I had to complete this task.

Julio prophesied over my wife and I about a connection to the Nation of Israel which was very profound and gave a particular scripture. This was the third time that this passage of scripture had been spoken over me and the full story of this will be in another article.

Alejandro and his wife Esperanza were very hospitable and had us for meals in their house. At one mealtime, Alejandro was very distressed. After asking me to close the conference on the Saturday and the Sunday he brought out a map. Alejandro said, “This is a map where the witches, warlocks and satanists from Central and South America are coming to claim territory on 666.”

That number is mentioned in Revelation 13:18 as the number of the beast. The date when he spoke to me was May 20, 2006. Alejandro communicated that the date of the 6th of June 2006 (666) was the witches, warlocks and satanists high day and they planned on converging at the sites marked on the map. That was only 3 weeks away.

The spiritual mapping indicated that they would be converging on the Rio Negro leading into Resistencia and going through both church locations where he pastored. Alejandro told me he was surprised when we had gone out to the Rio Negro on our first trip for, he said, “Nothing good has ever come from the Rio Negro (Black River).”

Jumping out of my mouth was the statement “Don’t worry about it, Alejandro, I’ll take care of it!”

We made sure that our driver, Veto, was available to take us back to the Rio Negro and we went to sleep that night with plans to go there the next morning. I had no plan, I only knew that God was sending us back to the bridges of the Rio Negro. The next morning when we awoke, and had our free hotel breakfast, a most unusual baking had been done. Tiny loaves of bread about 2” long x ¾” wide had been baked and put on the breakfast table. When I saw them I understood. I asked Tammy, the wife of the couple that came with us, to gather 14 loaves. She expressed a little bit of embarrassment, but she did as I requested.

When Veto arrived, we went back to the seven bridges of the Rio Negro inside Resistencia. At each bridge the four of us, my wife, myself and the other couple took 1 loaf, broke it in 4 and had communion. With the other loaf we poured Saskatchewan anointing oil on the loaf, broke it in 4 and went to the 4 corners of the bridge where we dropped our portion of the bread and left it for a witness.

I Corinthians 10:6 describes the cup of blessing that occurs when we have communion. The cup of blessing outweighed any curse. My personal belief is that there was Angelic beings standing to wage war over the witness of the body and blood of Jesus. Veto was very concerned, army vehicles were following us, police vehicles were following us, and some other trucks at different points. I was oblivious to what he was feeling, but, at one point he let us out and then said, “I’m going now, I’ll be back to pick you up later.” It was only then that I noticed the vehicles that were following us and observing us.

We completed our task and returned to Alejandro’s house. When I saw him he started crying.  He said “I’m sorry, I am an old man and I fell asleep. I forgot to pray. The last people that went out to pray over the Rio Negro had died and not returned to town.”

It was only then that I realized the wonderful protection and grace that the Father had given to the 4 of us. I told Alejandro “It is okay, God had prepared us to do it. It was my job.”

The conference concluded and we then flew immediately to Israel. When we returned from Israel Alejandro communicated that nothing had happened in Resistencia on June 6, 2006. The witches, warlocks and satanists could only get as close as the Parana River.

I look back at that time in 2006 as one of the greatest victories of the blood and body of Jesus that I had seen and to this day I feel so privileged that four obscure people from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada would be given this great privilege.

To God be the glory – Amen and Amen.

Alejandro told me “You spoke for the last 2 days of this conference, next time you will speak each meeting.”

I was again called to Resistencia and we returned in 2008 but that is for the next article.

— EZ

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