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RESISTENCIA – The Discovery 2005

Bridge in Resistencia, Argentina going over Rio Negro River Credit: Google Earth

One of the seven bridges in Resistencia, Argentina going over the Rio Negro River Credit: Google Earth

Gary, Robin and I had travelled to Resistencia, Argentina to try to discover corroborating evidence of the existence of Clifford Long and a Resistencia Revival. Veto, our driver and interpreter arrived at the hotel to pick us up and I gave instructions to Veto that we needed to go to the oldest area of Resistencia. The building that we were looking for had to be at least 50 years old. I also inquired of Veto whether there was a river that ran thru the northwest of Resistencia. “Yes, he replied, it’s called the Rio Negro.”

Veto took us to the old area of town and whenever we saw a building like the one that was described in a prophecy we would ask him to stop, we would get out and I would put my hand on the wall of the building and see if I felt anything. This we did about 4 times, I later found out that Veto thought we were in the movie industry and we were looking for a location to shoot a movie. On the 4th building I felt evidence in the walls that this was the one and asked Robin to touch the wall too. Robin confirmed “Yes, this is the one.”

There was an Italian School in the building and we went inside, with Veto, as well. Veto was able to tell the school Principal that we were looking for anything to do with Clifford Long, from 50 years ago. She left the room and came back saying our English Teacher has something to say to you, but. she can’t come right now. She would communicate with us thru the hotel where we were staying.

We were now free to go to the river. After stopping for lunch Veto indicated that there were 7 bridges that cross the Rio Negro and one of them was very close to where we ate lunch. As we were approaching the bridge area, he asked “Do you want the direct approach, or, do you want me to go around?”

I said “Direct”.

He then surprised us by making a direct right hand turn off the road down a steeper embankment than any of us have ever driven down. He then stopped at the bottom. I know that God wanted us to be at all 7 bridges that are on the river, we had experience in dealing with rivers up in Saskatchewan. The life of God often flows along rivers. When I went to the water’s edge I could see something in the water, it wasn’t there with my natural eyes, but, I could see it and it restricted the flow of life that would come into Resistencia. In Jesus name, I took authority over the curse that was in the water and removed it. I do not expect many readers to understand this, but, God had trained me in dealing with various curses. We then went on to all of the seven bridges and released the life of God to flow into Resistencia. There were many people watching us and I could feel that what we were doing was not welcomed by some.

We returned to Roca Solida and were a part of different POWERFUL meetings. One afternoon I wandered into the sanctuary of the church, alone, and Rolando Sanchez, Pastor of the church and Gabriel his interpreter and friend, came in and approached me. Rolando was very animated and agitated. He approached me and thru Gabriel said “Who are you?”

I told him I was Peter from Regina, Saskatchewan and he said “No. You are not like the others, God has come to me and told me I am to give you anything you want. If you need my house, you can have it. If you need my car you can have it. If you need an interpreter, you can have one.”

I told him that God had supplied everything I needed, a driver and interpreter, but I would like it if he would put oil on a silk handkerchief that I had with me and pray over it.

Gabriel went and came back with a vial of oil about 5 inches tall and it was poured, all of it, by Rolando, onto the handkerchief. As it was dripping off the handkerchief I fell to the floor while Rolando was saying, actually yelling “I give you all of my anointing. ALL OF IT.”

We had been discovered and were no longer hidden.   The dignitaries that were there to dedicate the church, including Rolando’s Bishop, called Robin, Gary and I to the altar where they prayed for us and spoke words over us from God.

The next day in the morning when we went downstairs to be picked up by Veto the front desk gave me a note from the Italian school. It was written in Spanish. I asked Veto to interpret it for me, and he did, but, he said “Some of the words are religious words and I don’t know what they are in English”.

Gabriel entered the lobby at that time and I asked him to interpret the letter. He read the letter to me and said, “Are you looking for things about Clifford Long?”

I said “Yes”.

Rolando came into the lobby at that time and they talked. Gabriel told me that his father had been the one that kept all the records and pictures and writings from Clifford Long. Rolando told me that in the note from the English Teacher had said that she cleaned house for the man who had the church that Clifford Long used to have and she could introduce me. Rolando said that was unnecessary, for he knew him very well. Near the end of that day Rolando had arranged a meeting with a man named Alejandro Juszczuk, Pastor of Reyos de Luz Church. He was 71 years old and I knew that I had discovered what I needed to discover. I knelt in front of him and took his hand and placed it on my head and I said, “Bless me”.

He chuckled and said “No, no, I pray.”

The next day, after speaking in Rolando’s church on the Sunday, we went over to meet with Alejandro Juszczuk. We saw pictures of wheelchairs hanging from the ceiling. The evidence was clear and the man, Alejandro, gave testimony that he had worked with Clifford Long during the revival. He seemed eager to connect with us. Alejandro showed us the altar of his church and said “Look, Canadian pine on the walls behind the altar.”

Alejandro said he was starting to build a church on the ground where all the miracles had taken place where the tent had been. A woman named Cindy Jacobs had told him he had to build a church there. Did we want to see it? Yes, we did. We walked over the 3 blocks and saw a piece of land that a foundation was just starting to be built on. 2005 was the 100th Anniversary of the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, and a Saskatchewan coin had been minted. Gary asked Alejandro if he could bury this in the foundation. Alejandro produced an Argentinian coin and they were buried together. Alejandro made this curious statement “Saskatchewan and Resistencia are partners in this Revival”.

This statement was curious to me and I wouldn’t understand it for several years. The discovery was made, Clifford Long was real, the miracles were real, the revival was real. I now continued back in Regina, Saskatchewan to pray “LET THE ARGENTINIAN REVIVAL MOVE NORTH – THE RESISTENCIA FOUNTAIN OPEN.

Approximately seven months later Alejandro summoned me and said “You come back now”.

Second trip to Resistencia article to follow. — EZ

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