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Praying the Apostles’ Prayer

By Dr. Michael Brown You’ve heard of the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostles’ Creed. But have you ever heard of the Apostles’ Prayer? Actually, the “Apostles’ Prayer” is not a technical term, which would explain why you’re not familiar with it. Instead, it’s my description of the one and only time that the Bible records a prayer prayed jointly by these early Church leaders. We can learn a lot from it for ourselves today. In the fourth chapter of the book of Acts we read that there was government persecution of the believers, in this case, the Jewish leadership imprisoning the Jewish apostles. This persecution was the result of powerful miracles being performed in Jesus’ name and thousands of Jewish people putting their faith in Him as Messiah and Lord. In order to “to stop this thing from spreading any further among the people” these governmental leaders decided that “we must warn them [meaning the apostles] to speak no longer to anyone in this name [meaning the name of Jesus]” (Acts 4:17). What The Apostles …

78 | What the Septuagint Bible tells us about fallen angels and spiritual warfare

We are living in perilous times as governments of all political stripes seem intent on restricting people’s liberties and freedoms, either under the guise of protecting us from COVID or banning speech that some consider offensive, because it disagrees with their beliefs. In this podcast, I discuss the Septuagint’s odd translation of a Bible verse in Deuteronomy that may help explain why this is happening.

Bridge in Resistencia, Argentina going over Rio Negro River Credit: Google Earth

RESISTENCIA – The Discovery 2005

Español: RESISTENCIA – El Descubrimiento 2005 Gary, Robin and I had travelled to Resistencia, Argentina to try to discover corroborating evidence of the existence of Clifford Long and a Resistencia Revival. Veto, our driver and interpreter arrived at the hotel to pick us up and I gave instructions to Veto that we needed to go to the oldest area of Resistencia. The building that we were looking for had to be at least 50 years old. I also inquired of Veto whether there was a river that ran thru the northwest of Resistencia. “Yes, he replied, it’s called the Rio Negro.” Veto took us to the old area of town and whenever we saw a building like the one that was described in a prophecy we would ask him to stop, we would get out and I would put my hand on the wall of the building and see if I felt anything. This we did about 4 times, I later found out that Veto thought we were in the movie industry and we were …

Church in Lanin National Park, Argentina Credit: javierinsitu/Flickr/Creative Commons

ARGENTINA – Ready or not here we come!

Español: ARGENTINA – ¡Listos o no aquí vamos! The message that I received during my Third Heavenly Visitation was “I WANT MY ARGENTINIAN REVIVAL TO MOVE NORTH – THE RESISTENCIA FOUNTAIN OPEN!” I had no experience in the history of revival and I knew nothing about an Argentinian Revival. My only response was what am I supposed to do? Elizabeth Barrett Browning in her Sonnets from the Portuguese asked a question. “How do I love thee, let me count the ways.” Jesus has loved me, and I love him back and so I wanted to give to him what He desired. When my wife, Trish, comes to me and asks, “Can we go out for supper tonight?” My response is “I can make that happen.” and bless her. The Visitation of 2003 left me praying earnestly “LET YOUR ARGENTINIAN REVIVAL MOVE NORTH – THE RESISTENCIA FOUNTAIN OPEN!” More and more every day this praying (intercession) overtook me and a group of believers. Prayer meetings and services were almost 100% attendance, we were all caught up …