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ARGENTINA – Ready or not here we come!

Church in Lanin National Park, Argentina Credit: javierinsitu/Flickr/Creative Commons

Church in Lanin National Park, Argentina Credit: javierinsitu/Flickr/Creative Commons

The message that I received during my Third Heavenly Visitation was “I WANT MY ARGENTINIAN REVIVAL TO MOVE NORTH – THE RESISTENCIA FOUNTAIN OPEN!”
I had no experience in the history of revival and I knew nothing about an Argentinian Revival.

My only response was what am I supposed to do?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning in her Sonnets from the Portuguese asked a question. “How do I love thee, let me count the ways.”

Jesus has loved me, and I love him back and so I wanted to give to him what He desired. When my wife, Trish, comes to me and asks, “Can we go out for supper tonight?”

My response is “I can make that happen.” and bless her.


More and more every day this praying (intercession) overtook me and a group of believers. Prayer meetings and services were almost 100% attendance, we were all caught up in this burden from God. I only knew to pray.

Gradually, I talked to other people about this. I have had a friend named Dean who has been my friend for over 45 years. We get together for coffee every week. Because of his editorial vocation, he is a man that does much research. He informed me one day that I had been deceived, there was no Clifford Long involved in the Argentinian Revival. He did not do it to hurt me, but, to try to protect me from great disappointment. I informed him he was wrong, but I could not find any information when I searched the name Clifford Long. My friend is like a dog that locks its jaw when it bites and has no capacity for opening it again and so our long-term disagreement lasted until I had to do something about it.

I was pastor of a church called Rap Session and I had three Elders working together with me. God was drawing me to go and seek what was there in Resistencia. I desperately wanted to find evidence of Clifford Long 50 years earlier having a revival in Resistencia. One of the elders, named Gary, said he knew somebody who knew somebody. It’s like the expression “I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy.”

Gary made a connection to a group going down to Resistencia, Argentina who lived in Washington State. They graciously allowed us to join their trip and we simply would, incognito, go to Resistencia. The trip took place in September 2005, just short of 2 years after we started praying. I didn’t know what would happen, I only knew that I planned on meeting the Lord in Resistencia.

Gary and Robin, two of the three elders and myself joined these people at an airport in the USA and few down together. After an overnight stop in Buenos Aires we took another flight north to Resistencia. We were equipped with a word of prophecy that said, “There will be a building that looks like this, that will be important to you” and then the building was described. That’s very little to be equipped with.

We landed at the Resistencia Airport and a van that held approximately 30 people was waiting for us. When I sat down in the van, the voice of the Lord spoke to me and said, “THERE IS A RIVER IN THE NORTHWEST OF THIS CITY AND YOU WILL BE GOING THERE.”

We were taken to a church called Roca Solida where we met the Pastor, Rolando Sanchez. He and his wife were very welcoming, and we were given a tour of their new church building. The group from Washington had helped with the building of this addition and the dedication of this church was why they were there. Rolando did not know that we were not a part of that group. It’s kind of like playing Hide & Seek – Ready or not, here I come!

Later we were settled in our hotel, the whole group stayed there and then we went to the evening service. The presence of God was abundant, and the worship was very joyful. I happened to pray for a person and when I put my hand on her head, she started spinning like a top, under my hand! I had never encountered that in North America. Back home in Regina, Saskatchewan, people would fall down under the power of God, that’s what I was used to.

A man named Gabriel observed the power being released and came and talked to me. He was Rolando’s right hand man and I was given permission to keep praying for people.

I asked if it would be possible for us to be given an interpreter and the leader of the group from Washington State said he couldn’t release an interpreter to us, because they were all required for their next day activity.

The next morning Robin and Gary and I met in the hotel to pray. There we were in a foreign country, where we didn’t speak the language (Spanish), we didn’t know anything about the geography, so we prayed. “God, we’ve gone to the other side of the world and now here we are, we don’t know what to do.”

Gary went down to the front desk and asked if they had a map. He came back and reported that they did not. He left again and found a gas station and they said they were out of maps. When he came back to the hotel, the front desk informed him that there was a man who spoke some English who was a driver, would we like to meet with him. YES WE DID!!

An appointment was made and we met Beto (pronounced Veto). Veto was an international driver and he brought his portfolio showing him driving in the Sahara Desert in Africa and trips to the deep tip of South America. Veto spoke some English and could, therefore, be our driver and be our interpreter. We agreed to his terms and chose his Land Rover to travel in.

WE WERE READY FOR THE DISCOVERY……..the Discovery article to follow. — EZ

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