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2003 – The Third Heavenly Visitation

Resistencia, Argentina Credit: Valerio, Pillar/Flickr/Creative Commons

Resistencia, Argentina Credit: Valerio, Pillar/Flickr/Creative Commons

After having met the angel Preacher in the First Visitation and Conquer in the Second Visitation my expectation was that the Third Visitation would be similar. It was not. It was greater in power and I encountered an angel, or someone of a higher order that changed my destiny.

About two weeks after Conquer had visited I was awakened in the night with a power in my room so great that I was immediately startled and started to rebuke this being “In Jesus na……”. I was going to command this one to get out of my room. Mid-sentence I shut my mouth, put my head under the covers and said “I’m sorry, what do you want?”

I do not know if this was the Lord or the Angel of the Lord but the immediate response was “I WANT MY ARGENTINIAN REVIVAL TO MOVE NORTH!”

I try in situations like this to get out at least one intelligent question and so I said “Why?”

The answer was “They have had it long enough.”

I then asked “Have they done something wrong?”


He then told me, “You are not allowed to tell anyone of my visit until I release you.” And then words were spoken into a huge echo chamber and I was hearing parts of words that sounded like “resunction” “resisuntion” and as hard as I tried I could not hear the complete word because of all the echoing that was clanging around me. Something was deposited in my spirit.

I am very exact in repeating words that God has given to me without any alteration, and so as I started to pray in the following days I said “LET YOUR ARGENTINIAN REVIVAL MOVE NORTH,” for those were the exact words that God had expressed.

I knew nothing about any Argentinian Revival as I’d never studied revivals, so I had no personal stake in this word, but I prayed. I told no one and I carried this word in me for about a month before I cried out for help. I felt like I was a pregnant woman carrying a baby and the longer this word was in me the more pressure that it put on me, in every fashion, including physically.

After carrying this for a month I cried out to God and told him I needed help, I was in pain, it was hurting me. In our Sunday church service in our house I told the people that I couldn’t tell them what had happened to me but that I was praying for something that was so hard that I needed help. I asked for volunteers. I lay down on my back on the carpet and immediately there were three or four people down beside me touching my spirit. They started to groan and cry out under the weight of what was put on them. One week later God told me that I was allowed to tell my three elders what had happened. I related to them the Third Visitation and I asked them to pray exactly as I was praying. I told them of the echo chamber and the words that I heard that somehow there was a fountain in some place that had to be opened and I told them the parts of the word that I had heard, “resunction” “resisuntion”.

We prayed for a number of months and then Dr. Sam Matthews, from Shawnee, Oklahoma who serves International Christian Leadership Connections (ICLC) as a member of the Apostolic Company returned to Regina and met with myself and two Elders. I related to him what had happened in the Three Visitations and that the word that he had given me had been fulfilled. When I was relating to him about the Third Visitation one of the Elders spoke up and said “The name of the place is Resistencia.”

I replied “When did you find that out?”

He informed me that about a month earlier he had looked it up and found it, but, he hadn’t told me. Dr. Sam had wide eyes and said that he wanted to tell me something later. From then on I specifically prayed “LORD, LET YOUR ARGENTINIAN REVIVAL MOVE NORTH, THE RESISTENCIA FOUNTAIN OPEN.”

Dr. Sam spoke at our church in Regina and then my wife and I took him in our car to Minot, North Dakota, where he would also be speaking. During the car ride Dr. Sam related his story to us.

“Approximately in the year 1985” he said “I was in a Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I went to the fellowship lunch being held downstairs after the service. God directed me to go and sit beside a stranger. After awhile I asked him who he was and what was his story?”

The man said:

“My name is Clifford Long. I received a call from God to become a Missionary and a Missionary Board sent me down to Resistencia, Argentina. I was accompanied by my wife and two daughters. I really didn’t know very much except that I was obeying a call of God.

“I spent 13 unfruitful years having only led one older indigenous man to Christ.

“My barber challenged me about Christianity and he demonstrated that he had far more power than I had, as he levitated over me as he cut my hair. One of my daughters committed suicide, my wife and I returned to the USA and the Missionary Board took away my accreditation. I only knew that I was told to go there and I was not ready to let go of what God had said to me.'”

Clifford continued, “One night there was a huge noise around my house and I got up and went to the door and gathered outside were 3,000 people crying and weeping, asking ‘How can I know Jesus?’”

“I was immediately swept up into this Revival that seemed to be 24 hours a day. One day as I was walking on the sidewalk, God said “Go back” and I looked back and saw my body lying on the sidewalk; I went back and got back in my body.”

“As fast as I could I trained young men to come and help me. This revival lasted for 5 or 6 years in the 1950’s and the young men whom I had trained took over the revival and I felt pushed out.”

“This most precious thing was taken from me and so I returned to the United States.”

Dr. Sam Matthews was hungry for these things to happen in Oklahoma and he moved Clifford Long into an apartment in Shawnee, Oklahoma near where Dr. Sam lives. He desired his church young people to have interaction with Clifford Long. After a duration of time he released Clifford to go back to Tulsa because it was not creating what he hoped.

In the car on the way to Minot Dr. Sam said “I have been interceding for 18 years, saying to my Heavenly Father, ‘I want your Argentinian Revival to move North and now the angel has spoken this to you. I now give you this intercession.’”

I was astounded, even as Sam was, that God had given something to me that Sam had carried for all those years. I live further north than Oklahoma and I was crying out for the revival to come to
Saskatchewan. I accepted this responsibility with great purpose and great destiny.

I wanted this for our Nation, I wanted this for our Province, not really knowing what it was I was asking for.

In 1999 a friend and I went to the National School of the Prophets in Colorado Springs. I didn’t know any of the people who were speaking, I had never gone out to conferences, but I went there.

During one of the evening sessions, a lady named Cindy Jacobs was speaking and she drew our attention to three small loaves of bread that had been sent from and baked in an oven in one of the 13 original colonies of the United States. She asked three men to take one loaf each and give bread to anyone who wanted it. So these three men, \one was Dutch Sheets, started to move into the crowd and give bread. There were about 3,000 people at that meeting and three little loaves of bread. After a little while, Cindy Jacobs yelled out “Dutch, is there still bread in the house?” and he held up the loaf.

Every hair on my body stood on end and I stood on a chair against the wall so that I could watch. All who had wanted bread, had it, and there was still bread.

Then Cindy Jacobs started to call out special situations. One of those was “Is anybody from Canada here?” My friend and I, along with 6 other Canadians gathered at the front. Cindy Jacobs grabbed a chunk of bread off the loaf and carefully looked over the eight of us. She then looked at me and said “Here, take this back for the healing of your Nation.” It was five years later when I was given the responsibility of crying out for revival to come to Saskatchewan.

I will relate at another time the particulars of how this happened, but, a man I met, named Alejandro Juszczuk from Resistencia, Argentina was able to give solid proof that the revival in City Bell and the revival in Resistencia came from people affected by the 1948 Revival in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I then reviewed the Third Visitation that I had and I further understood that the Lord was not asking for THEIR Revival to come to us but he was asking for the North Battleford Revival to come home.

I will relate three different trips I took to Argentina in the years 2005, 2006 and 2008 in another article.

Two young men started attending our House Church in the year 2017. When I showed a video I had purchased called “From the River to the Ends of the Earth” the father of these boys told me to stop the video. He told his son that was also watching “Look there’s your Grandmother” she was in the congregation in the 1948 Revival and he spotted her while they were panning the crowd.

Over the next year and three quarters, I ended up by going to two summer camps and two services with this group of people called Global Missions. I was given a great privilege to spend time with many of their elders. These meetings were at the Sharon School in North Battleford.
On the second camp in July 2018 God directed me, after 15 years of praying, “LORD, LET YOUR ARGENTINIAN REVIVAL MOVE NORTH, THE RESISTENCIA FOUNTAIN OPEN.”

With full permission from Global Missions’ traveling elders, Brian Hannigan from North Battleford and Robert Persaud from Greensboro, North Carolina I completed what I was directed to do.

My wife Trish and I along with our daughter-in-law Tracy, grand-daughter Casey and on Skype with Dr. Sam Matthews and his wife Kathy, legally reopened the Revival Well in North Battleford while we were in the Cloud Room, which traces back to the start of the 1948 revival.  After being criticized for leaving classes to fast and pray, several students and teachers attending a Bible school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan relocated to an abandoned facility at the small airport in North Battleford that had been used to train pilots during World War II.

One room had clouds painted on the wall that was used to train pilots on the use of the horizon line in flight simulation exercises. This is the same room where the student gathered to pray that led to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the North Battleford revival.

I reopened the well in Argentina; when I reopened the well in Resistencia I didn’t take it lightly, and God did a sign in Argentina to confirm. In North Battleford God also told me to reopen the well and gave me a sign before I proceeded.

My wife and I were treated by Global Missions with respect and generosity. I also hold great respect for the work of Global Missions that has continued to be faithful to the revelations and the power of the 1948 Revival in North Battleford.

We were privileged to sit down with eight of the “old ones” those who were still alive that were in the 1948 revival and we listened to their stories. The Revivals of North Battleford and Resistencia were both marked by miraculous healings and salvations.


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  1. gatewayprophetic says

    I love how you are documenting your experiences in the Lord and your powerful prophetic journey. Peter Worby is the real deal and carries the burden of the Lord like no other prophet I have ever met. God Bless!!! ~Chuck Smith


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