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Hello My Name is Peter

Peter walking on water by Amedee Varin (1818-1883)/Wikipedia

Peter walking on water by Amedee Varin (1818-1883)/Wikipedia

I am six weeks short of age 65. I have never written anything about my experiences.

I met Jesus 48 years ago. When I was very young my rather fiery, English war bride Mother would have regular outbursts. All that it took was for one of my friends to call me Pete. She wore hearing aids and there were many different things she didn’t hear, but, she always seemed to hear when I was called Pete.

Mother would yell from wherever she was and say “Do not call him that! I named him Peter!!” I always found it odd and a little embarrassing.

I was born again when I was 17. I started reading the Bible and I went to my Mother and asked her “Why do you get so upset when people call me Pete?”

She explained, from a very deep place inside of her, that I was named Peter, after the Peter in the Bible. It didn’t matter how old I got, teenager, adult, father of my own children, she maintained this right to correct anybody who called me Pete. She wasn’t against the name Pete, as a matter of fact she had some friends by that name, it’s just that I’m Peter.

I was hungry to follow Jesus and I read in Matthew 14 and verse 29 when Jesus called the Peter of the Bible and said “COME”. Peter had to choose to get out of the boat and walk on the water or stay in the boat. He became my hero when he was willing to walk into the supernatural. My heart said “ME too – speak to ME Jesus, tell ME to come on the water.”

I started to understand that this command was for a specific time and a specific purpose and even though it was said to my namesake I couldn’t pretend that it was said to me. My heart started to call out “Jesus, tell me to do something. Let the miracles that you do happen in my life. Give me the opportunity to have faith and obey you.”

I later became trained in Greek and Hebrew. In the original Greek language, that the New Testament was written in, this is called a RHEMA word. This particular type of word releases a specific opportunity and I have had many spoken over me in my lifetime. I feel compelled to tell you of such a RHEMA word spoken over me in 2003.

Dr. Sam Matthews, from Shawnee, Oklahoma serves International Christian Leadership Connections (ICLC) as a member of the Apostolic Company. A group of Apostles came to set in Elders in our church in Regina, Saskatchewan. Dr. Matthews spoke a RHEMA word over me saying “IF YOU SPEAK IN TONGUES FOR THREE HOURS A DAY FOR THIRTY DAYS, YOU WILL HAVE THREE HEAVENLY VISITATIONS AND YOU WILL BIRTH YOUR DESTINY.”

I could see the huge opportunity being given to me by this word and so I obeyed. I wanted my destiny and I wanted to experience what obeying such an opportunity would release. For thirty days I spent three consecutive hours per day speaking in tongues. Truly it did alter my destiny.

I remember one incident during this time, I was sitting in the dirt in my garden doing weeding and speaking in tongues. A neighbor from down the lane passed by and saw me and said “Hello” and made some comment about my garden. I responded speaking in tongues and it made for a rather odd moment, but, I was determined to do this obedience.

As I continued during that month many supernatural things started to occur, one of these was the presence of God on me, so much so that my wife told me she couldn’t get near me.
At nighttime a swirling mass of dark clouds was over my bed. I knew that an opening to Heaven had occurred and I knew that things could come thru that vortex. I was alarmed that they were dark clouds but the Lord directed me to Psalm 97:2 which said “Clouds and thick darkness surround Him; righteousness and justice are the foundations of His throne.”

I then knew that I was okay with the clouds being dark and thick. Friends told me that I was entertaining demons, I knew this not to be true because of scripture and so I didn’t expect many people to understand the Rhema word given to me.

I did have my three Heavenly visitations and I did have life altering impartations. I will relate those visitations, but that is all for this story. –EZ

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