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Choosing faith over fear

The world is completely rattled right now. All the media can talk about is the Coronavirus. We are being bombarded 24 hours a day. Governments are taking extreme measures to try to contain the Coronavirus. The stock market is in a free fall. Business are closing down. And now news is circulating that a second massive locust swarm is building that could devastate Africa a second time this year. The world is being shaken. Jesus promised birth pangs prior to His second coming that included earthquakes, plagues and famines (Matthew 24:7-8; Luke 21:9-12). But here is the important thing about birth pangs, they are just the warm up, meaning the big show is yet to come. I have to admit I am feeling a bit rattled by just the birth pangs and it makes me wonder how I will function when God’s main event takes the stage. During these critical times we have choices to make. It is not how I will respond to the Coronavirus, it is how will I respond to fear? The …

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5 | What really sunk Peter?

When Jesus pulled Peter out of water after his failed attempt to walk on water, the Lord said Peter had ‘little faith.’ I think we have misunderstood the concept of “little faith” and we need to understand it in light of the “great faith” of the Phoenician woman. These two stories are connected.

Peter walking on water by Amedee Varin (1818-1883)/Wikipedia

Hello My Name is Peter

Español: Hola mi nombre es Pedro I am six weeks short of age 65. I have never written anything about my experiences. I met Jesus 48 years ago. When I was very young my rather fiery, English war bride Mother would have regular outbursts. All that it took was for one of my friends to call me Pete. She wore hearing aids and there were many different things she didn’t hear, but, she always seemed to hear when I was called Pete. Mother would yell from wherever she was and say “Do not call him that! I named him Peter!!” I always found it odd and a little embarrassing. I was born again when I was 17. I started reading the Bible and I went to my Mother and asked her “Why do you get so upset when people call me Pete?” She explained, from a very deep place inside of her, that I was named Peter, after the Peter in the Bible. It didn’t matter how old I got, teenager, adult, father of my …

What really sunk Peter?

Español: Que realmente hundió al Apostol Pedro? In Mathew 14, we read the account of the Apostle Peter’s failed attempt to walk on water. After Jesus pulled Peter out of the water, the Lord said “You of little faith, why did you doubt.” Many believe Peter failed simply because he needed “more” faith. But was this actually the case? Did Peter need more faith or was there something else more sinister at work here? What does oligopistos mean? Faith was one of the important teachings of Christ. It was so important, that Jesus used an unusual word — oligopistos, commonly translated ‘little faith’ —  to describe the disciples’ faith (Matt 6:30; 8:26; 14:31; 16:8 and Luke 12:28). It’s unusual because of its rarity.  None of the other New Testament authors — other than attributing the word to Jesus — used oligopistos in their writings and surprisingly the word is not found in any Greek literature of this period. Oligopistos combines two Greek words, oligos and pistis. Pistis means faith and oligos is used to describe how small an …