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Resistencia, Argentina Credit: patricurcio/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

ARGENTINA 2008 – How do you birth a revival?

Español: ARGENTINA 2008 – ¿Cómo naciste un avivamiento? It was now five years after receiving three Heavenly Visitations (read here and here) in which the Angel of the Lord had said “I want my Argentinian Revival to move north, the Resistencia Fountain open!” I desperately wanted to give to the Lord what He desired. He wanted it; I wanted to give it to Him, but how? The answer is both profound and extremely simple: “My Father is working until now and I myself am working.” (John 5:17) “Whatever the Father does these things the Son also does in like manner.” (John 5:19c) How do you birth a revival? You see and you obey. I attended a retreat weekend at Saskatchewan Beach when I was 19 years old, in 1973. A 21 year old, named John, spoke a word of God to me (prophesied). He said, “You are like a young child that lets go of his father’s hand and runs ahead and falls down scraping his knee. Then the father comes and picks you up …

Rio Negro River in Resistencia, Argentina Credit: Google Earth

2006 Argentina – The Black 666

Español: 2006 Argentina – El Negro 666 The discovery of Clifford Long and the Resistencia revival of the 1950’s had been accomplished in the September 2005 trip. I returned to Regina, Saskatchewan with great excitement and continued to pray “Lord let your Argentinian Revival move North, the Resistencia Fountain open!” I hoped that we were making progress and that revival annointings would show up, but I knew of no further reason to return to Resistencia.   Alejandro Juszczuk had other plans. Seven months after our first trip Alejandro asked “You come again?” The language barrier (Spanish-English) made it hard for me to know why I would go back, but I respected this man of God and soon my wife Trish and I along with another couple were taking the 11,500 km trip to Resistencia. We arrived in the middle of a Conference. Reyos de Luz church had a a visiting minister, Julio Donati, speaking in a week-long conference. The Regina contingent checked into the same hotel where I had stayed in 2005 , the Covadonga, and …

Resistencia, Argentina Credit: Valerio, Pillar/Flickr/Creative Commons

2003 – The Third Heavenly Visitation

Español: 2003 – La Tercera Visita Celestial After having met the angel Preacher in the First Visitation and Conquer in the Second Visitation my expectation was that the Third Visitation would be similar. It was not. It was greater in power and I encountered an angel, or someone of a higher order that changed my destiny. About two weeks after Conquer had visited I was awakened in the night with a power in my room so great that I was immediately startled and started to rebuke this being “In Jesus na……”. I was going to command this one to get out of my room. Mid-sentence I shut my mouth, put my head under the covers and said “I’m sorry, what do you want?” I do not know if this was the Lord or the Angel of the Lord but the immediate response was “I WANT MY ARGENTINIAN REVIVAL TO MOVE NORTH!” I try in situations like this to get out at least one intelligent question and so I said “Why?” The answer was “They have …