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34 | Are there angels among us?

In this podcast I will be discussing the Biblical role of angels and as well I will be sharing a few stories involving what I believe were angelic visitations in recent years and as well the personal encounters that I believe my mother had with angels, shortly before she died.

Resistencia, Argentina Credit: Valerio, Pillar/Flickr/Creative Commons

2003 – The Third Heavenly Visitation

Español: 2003 – La Tercera Visita Celestial After having met the angel Preacher in the First Visitation and Conquer in the Second Visitation my expectation was that the Third Visitation would be similar. It was not. It was greater in power and I encountered an angel, or someone of a higher order that changed my destiny. About two weeks after Conquer had visited I was awakened in the night with a power in my room so great that I was immediately startled and started to rebuke this being “In Jesus na……”. I was going to command this one to get out of my room. Mid-sentence I shut my mouth, put my head under the covers and said “I’m sorry, what do you want?” I do not know if this was the Lord or the Angel of the Lord but the immediate response was “I WANT MY ARGENTINIAN REVIVAL TO MOVE NORTH!” I try in situations like this to get out at least one intelligent question and so I said “Why?” The answer was “They have …

Credit: Alistair Nicol/Flickr/Creative Commons

Heavenly Visitations 1 and 2

Español: Visitaciones celestiales 1 y 2 Dr. Sam Matthews, from Shawnee, Oklahoma serves International Christian Leadership Connections (ICLC) as a member of the Apostolic Company. As I mentioned in my previous article, Dr. Sam had spoken this RHEMA word over me, “If you speak in tongues for three hours a day for 30 days you will have three Heavenly Visitations and you will birth your destiny.” I completed the obedience and spoke in tongues for three consecutive hours a day for 30 days and then I waited. I didn’t know what would happen. What is the proper protocol to receive a Heavenly Visitation and what should the responses be? Early in my Christian life I was taught that if a spirit appears to you, you should demand that it says “Jesus is the Lord.” This stems from I Corinthians 12:3 that reads: “Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God says, ‘Jesus is accursed:’ and no one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord, except by the Holy Spirit.’” I had also …