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‘Jesus Loves You’ card viewed by millions on Turkish media and Instagram

Jesus Loves You Card in Turkish Credit: Awakening Europe

Turkey was rocked by yet another earthquake yesterday (Monday, Feb 20, 2023), with a magnitude 6.3, killing several people.

Two weeks earlier, Turkey and Syria were hit with a 7.8 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes which has resulted in nearly 47,000 deaths, 41,000 in Turkey and 6,000 in Syria. Those numbers are still expected to climb.

It is considered one of the worst natural disasters in human history.

God TV is reporting that a small card with the words ‘Jesus Loves You’ is showing up all across Turkish media and Instagram after the country’s religious leaders had several Awakening Europe (AE) Christian missionaries arrested for distributing the cards.

Though an Islamic country, it is not illegal to hand out this type of religious material.

Responding to the earthquake, AE sent nearly 30 missionaries to Turkey to distribute food, clothing, and tents to those ravaged by the earthquakes.

Some members of the group ended up in an area of Turkey hardest hit by the earthquake. It is also an area with some of the strictest Islamic influence, and the fewest amount of churches.

While the local religious leaders reacted negatively to the cards, the missionaries reported an opposite reaction from those receiving them. Many thanked the missionaries for the cards and many also apologized after the religious police had the missionaries arrested.

AE senior leader, Ben Fitzgerald, stated that what the Religious police intended for evil has turned been turned to good.

“That card ended up being seen on the national news and all over Instagram,” Fitzgerald said.

One of the card’s Instagram posts had over 1.7 million views and another ended up on the page of one of the country’s biggest soccer stars.

Most AE missionaries have since been released.

In an interview on Instagram, one of those arrested, Peter, stated he unexpectedly felt an overwhelming joy while in prison and added he experienced more freedom behind bars, than when he was outside. The arrested group members were able to pray and minister to several people inside the prison.

Even though the guards were rough when they arrested them, God told Peter to love them anyway and at the end, the police apologized for how they had treated the missionaries.

Awakening Europe is made up of workers from various countries and different denominations around the world. They are dedicated to bringing Christ to Europe, which has been lulled to sleep by dead religion.

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