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WEF speaker told not to use the words God, religion or faith in his talk about ‘keeping the faith’

World Economic Forum headquarters in Geneva Switzerland
Credit: Alexey M./Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

At the recent World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting held in Davos, Switzerland, the organization actually held a session on ‘keeping the faith’. However, there was one major caveat, the speaker, Farhan Latif, was told not to mention ‘God’, ‘faith’ or ‘religion’ during his speech, LifeSite News reports.

“Before I jump in, I want to offer a trigger warning for the audience. As I was preparing for this session … they told me, ‘Don’t use the words religion, faith, and God,’ and so I just ask people to translate that to ‘mindfulness,’ ‘purpose-driven,’ ‘spirituality,’” said Latif who serves as president of the El-Hibri Foundation.

It was probably a joke and though Latif’s comments were met with laughter from the crowd, some wonder if it represents a deeper sentiment about removing God from any discussions about the future of the world.

As Emily Manigiarcina explains in her article for LifeSite, God is a threat to WEF’s globalist agenda writing:

In fact, God and authentic religion are a threat to the WEF’s agenda, not only because they recognize humans’ unparalleled value and dignity among creation (precluding their subservience to the “environment”), but because they establish aspirations beyond the merely material — that is, that there is not only a business of lives to save but souls.

Most fundamentally, to embrace God and true religion would mean to embrace hard moral lines that preclude aspects of the WEF agenda. It would mean they must be held accountable to something higher than themselves. It would mean the WEF elites could not appoint themselves “gods” on earth.

READ: WEF speaker said he was told not to use ‘God’ or ‘religion’ during ‘Keeping the faith’ talk

Now for a word from the WEF elites:

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