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The left’s attack on food continues

The newly-re-elected progressive government of Ireland has announced its plan to cut the number of cattle in the country by 10% by 2030, Breitbart reports.

This means the government will reduce the number of cattle in that country by 600,000 over the next eight years. It will have a devastating impact on farms in that country and as well the food supply

According to the Irish Times, which received a copy of a draft report entitled the Climate Action Plan, the government will also reduce the number of cars allowed in the country by 25% over the same period.

Of course, this is all just woke posturing as nothing that Ireland does will have any impact on global warming, even if you believe CO2 will destroy the world in the next couple of years. For over 30 years, the political elite has been warning us that we only have ten years to stop global warming, or it will be too late.

READ: Great Reset: State Planning to Slash Automobile and Cattle Numbers For Green Agenda

Ireland is implementing this policy to fall in line with Brussels’ push to green energy as part of its great political reset. It is the same plan that is expected to result in blackouts across Europe this winter because of the EU’s push towards green energy, which even included shutting down nuclear reactors. READ: Blackouts Could Darken Europe This Winter

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