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Human Rights commissioner resigns after allegedly posting her hatred of Christians on social media because of a Christmas tree controversy

Diane Loud, a member of the Human Rights Commission in Dedham, Massachusetts, recently resigned after publicly mocking God and condemning Christians, CBN reports.

The problem started when the manager of Endicott Branch Library in Dedham, Lisa Desmond, was told that she would not be allowed to put up a Christmas tree at the library this year.

When she asked why, Desmond was told that it had apparently resulted in complaints in previous years.

The claim that the annual Christmas tree display had caused offense puzzled Desmond and on December 2, 2022, she commented on Facebook that over the previous 28 years that she had not heard of one complaint about the tree display at the library.

According to Faithwire, the resulting pushback caused by Desmond’s comment allegedly resulted in a profanity-laden response from Loud on social media, where she mocked God, calling him a ‘magic sky daddy.’

I hope [you know] the fact that you – who claim to believe in Christ and Christmas or whatever happy horses— you’re trying to hide behind – are the least gracious, most hateful, most disgusting trash in the world,” Loud wrote.

“Is this what you think your magic sky daddy wants? Where in the Bible was this again?”

But it didn’t stop there, Loud then allegedly revealed her utter disgust for Christians and her desire that they would all suffer.

“In closing…I hate each and every one of you and I do wish great suffering on you. You are terrible, terrible people. And you did it all because you didn’t get your way. You are despicable,” Loud continued.

Loud resigned from her position a short time later.

Since her resignation, the Dedham Library system has announced there will now be Christmas trees set up at its two locations.

Though Christmas trees have been a part of our Christmas tradition for the past few hundred years, there is no mention of them in the Biblical Nativity account.

So how did they become associated with the Christmas celebration?

December 21 and 22, mark the winter solstice when we have the shortest day of the year. After this date, the days start getting longer.

And our modern Christmas trees may be associated with an ancient tradition in Germany and Scandinavia where evergreen trees were set up inside and outside homes to mark this change and to celebrate the arrival of spring and new life.

In the 16th century, this tradition was incorporated into the Christmas celebration that took place a few days later on December 25.

Some believe it was actually, the protestant Reformer, Martin Luther, who came up with the idea of decorating the trees.

He was walking home late one night after preparing a sermon and saw the stars twinkling through the evergreens. When he arrived home, he set up a tree in the family home and put lit candles on the tree to mimic the scene he saw.

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