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Sermon at the University of Cambridge said Jesus had a ‘trans body’?

Heath referred to the 14th-century portrayal of Christ’s crucifixion found in the Prayer Book of Bonne of Luxembourg suggesting that the wound in Christ’s side put there by a Roman guard looked like a woman’s sex organ. Credit: Public Domain

Church parishioners were left in tears after a sermon by a junior research fellow at the University of Cambridge in the UK on Sunday, Nov 20, 2022, implied that Jesus had a trans body.

Joshua Heath came to this conclusion based on 13th and 14th-century paintings, composed centuries after Christ’s crucifixion.

According to Heath, in a painting found in a 14th century Prayer Book, Bonne of Luxembourg, the wound in Jesus’ side, put there by a Roman guard checking to see if Jesus was dead, looked like a woman’s sex organ.

He then pointed to another painting by Jean Malouel in the 13th century that had the blood from Jesus’ side trickling down to the Lord’s groin.

Heath suggested that these paintings intimated Jesus had a trans body.

As the sermon was being delivered shouts of ‘heresy’ could be heard coming from the Anglican church congregation as people showed their disgust about the homily.

After the service, a member of the congregation wrote to Dr. Michael Banner, the Dean of Trinity College, who was also in attendance, describing the sermon as shocking, adding it “made me feel unwelcome in the Church”:

“I left the service in tears. ‘You offered to speak with me afterwards, but I was too distressed. I am contemptuous of the idea that by cutting a hole in a man, through which he can be penetrated, he can become a woman.'”

“‘I am especially contemptuous of such imagery when it is applied to our Lord, from the pulpit, at Evensong. I am contemptuous of the notion that we should be invited to contemplate the martyrdom of a ‘trans Christ,’ a new heresy for our age.’

However, in a response letter to The Daily Telegraph, rather than apologizing, Banner actually defended the sermon describing claims that Jesus was trans as “legitimate” claim, writing:

“For myself, I think that speculation was legitimate, whether or not you or I or anyone else disagrees with the interpretation, says something else about that artistic tradition or resists its application to contemporary questions around transsexualism.”

Further clarification by Trinity College noted that in his homily, Heath was not proposing that Jesus was trans but that medieval painters were portraying him in this way.

Isaiah seems to be referring to Jesus’ wounding at the hands of the Roman guard when the prophet wrote that the Lord would be pierced for our transgressions:

But he was pierced for our transgressions,
    he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
    and by his wounds we are healed.
(Isaiah 53:5 NIV)

This was the true intended result of this wounding.

However, the sermon was intended at Trinity College, parishioners felt outraged by the portrayal, and it appears the Christian faith is under attack from within and without.

Last year reports out of China stated that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is actually rewriting parts of the Bible, including the story about the woman caught in adultery.

In the Biblical account, the Pharisees dragged a woman caught in adultery before Jesus asking if she should be stoned. Jesus defused the situation, causing the Pharisees to leave.

He then turns to the woman and asked who was left to condemn her, and when she answered no one, Jesus says neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.

In the CCP’s rewrite of the Bible story, Jesus declared Himself a sinner and then proceeds to stone the woman.

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