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Canada: At $218 a plate, this wasn’t your typical airplane meal

While the world’s elite tell the rest of us to cut our DisneyPlus subscriptions and eat Chef Boyardee to survive inflation, we aren’t expecting them to live by the same rules.

On a recent trip to Dubai, Canada’s taxpayer-funded Governor General, Mary Simon and 45 friends who joined her on the trip enjoyed an in-flight meal that cost $218 a plate.

Blacklock’s Reporter provides the details:

Governor General Mary Simon and travelling companions dined on steak, cake and Chardonnay on a costly junket to Dubai, records show. Staff claimed Simon and 45 friends ate typical airline food. Actual menus for meals that cost $218 per plate featured French crepes, Beef Wellington and Red Velvet Cake with Chantilly cream: “$218 per meal would represent groceries for a whole family.”

READ (Behind paywall): Steak, Cake And Chardonnay

And when Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his entourage attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Sept 19, 2022, someone stayed in a hotel room that cost $6,000 a night. So far Trudeau has refused to admit that he was the one booked into the room. READ: LILLEY: Who stayed in the $6,000-a-night hotel room? It has to be Trudeau!

NOTE: Another key suspect, Canada’s Governor General Mary Simon, has already stated that she was not the one booked into the room.

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