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Canada’s Deputy Prime tells Canadians to cut DisneyPlus subscription to make ends meet

Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.
Credit: Hildenbrand – MSC/ Commons 3.0

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland recently had some advice for Canadians struggling to pay the bills because of government-caused inflation, rapidly rising fuel and heating bills due in part to higher carbon taxes.

She told Canadians to follow her example and cut their DisneyPlus subscription and save $13.99 a month:

This may explain some of Canada’s financial problems. As an MP, Freeland earns $189,500 a year, plus an additional $90,400 as Finance Minister totaling $280,000.

I was unable to determine how much Freeland earns as Deputy Prime Minister, but the Deputy House leader in the Senate earns $42,000, so I suspect Freeland is probably in that range, putting her salary at closer to $320,000 a year.

If she has to cut her DisneyPlus channel to make ends meet on that annual salary, no wonder Canada is in such a financial mess.

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