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Video: Pro-life sign fights back and keeps standing

A man was walking past the Church of the Resurrection School in Lansing, Michigan, which had a pro-life sign opposing Michigan’s pro-abortion bill, Proposal 3.

Seeing the sign, the man veered towards it and gives it a good kick, sending it flying into the air. Expecting, he had knocked it down, the man continued walking oblivious to what actually happened. In an incredible athletic move, the sign manages to keep standing.

Proposal 3, being voted on in a state-wide referendum vote on Nov 8, would protect abortions in that state after the Roe vs Wade ruling.

However, pro-life opponents state the proposal would actually expand abortion.

According to a statement on Michigan Catholic College website:

It [Proposal 3] would allow abortions to be performed by anyone, at any point in pregnancy, and for any reason. It would throw away state laws regulating quality, safety, and inspections for abortion clinics. It would remove parental consent requirement for teens seeking abortions, and also teens seeking gender reassignment surgeries.”

“This amendment would take Michigan far beyond what was allowed for abortion under Roe. In the half-century since Roe, dozens of laws have been passed to regulate abortion. Under this amendment, those protections would be gone, and abortion would be unrestricted and unregulated.

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