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British Labour MP calls for climate change reparations for Pakistan

While Pakistan has enough money to develop a Space program and nuclear weapons, a British Labour MP, Ed Miliband, is demanding Britain pay Climate Change reparations to Pakistan in light of the recent flooding.

Of course, the rhetoric is ramping up because the Cop-27 climate change summit has just started in Egypt. This is when all the world’s elite annually gather via their private jets to tell the rest of us we need to cut back CO2 emissions.

The Daily Mail provides more details on the Labour MP’s demands:

Labour’s Ed Miliband today backed calls for taxpayers’ money to be given to countries such as Pakistan and the Maldives for ‘loss and damage’ from climate change.

The shadow climate and net zero secretary insisted it was ‘morally right’ to hand money to poorer nations that are ‘on the frontline of the climate crisis’.[…]

A debate over ‘loss and damage’ is expected to be a key issue at the Cop-27 summit, with developing countries having already made demands ahead of the Egypt gathering.

READ: Ed Miliband suggests Labour would send British taxpayers’ cash to climate change-affected nations (such as nuclear-armed Pakistan) for ‘loss and damage’ as he’s quizzed over ‘reparations’

But again it has never been about CO2 emissions. This is nothing more than a globalist, socialist agenda:

  • 97% of the world’s CO2 emissions occur naturally. Only 3% is caused by Humans. READ: EPA document supports ~3% of atmospheric carbon dioxide is attributable to human sources
  • Britain creates about 4% of the world’s 3% human-created CO2 emissions.
  • Even, if Britain shut down completely, closed every business, stopped every car, and tore down every home, it would have absolutely no impact on climate change.
  • But still, Britain must pay?

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