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Pakistan hikes up punishment for blasphemy

Christians in Muslim-dominated Pakistan are expressing concerns about recent changes to the country’s blasphemy law, the Christian Post reports. The change increases the punishment for anyone who criticizes the companions, wives, and friends of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad. Under old legislation, a person could potentially face a prison sentence of three years for such criticism. This has now been increased to a maximum of 10 years, and a potential fine of approximately $4,500US. Over the years, Pakistan’s blasphemy laws have been abused. People have made false allegations in an effort to seize lands, take out competitors and as revenge in petty disputes. The irony is that during cases, people accusing others of blasphemy are not allowed to reveal what the accused said, because that would be an act of blasphemy as well. So it comes down to the justice system having to take the accuser’s word for it, which has opened the process up to corruption. There are also reports of prosecutors offering to drop the charges, in a non-blasphemy-related case, against non-Muslim citizens if they …

British Labour MP calls for climate change reparations for Pakistan

While Pakistan has enough money to develop a Space program and nuclear weapons, a British Labour MP, Ed Miliband, is demanding Britain pay Climate Change reparations to Pakistan in light of the recent flooding. Of course, the rhetoric is ramping up because the Cop-27 climate change summit has just started in Egypt. This is when all the world’s elite annually gather via their private jets to tell the rest of us we need to cut back CO2 emissions. The Daily Mail provides more details on the Labour MP’s demands: Labour’s Ed Miliband today backed calls for taxpayers’ money to be given to countries such as Pakistan and the Maldives for ‘loss and damage’ from climate change. The shadow climate and net zero secretary insisted it was ‘morally right’ to hand money to poorer nations that are ‘on the frontline of the climate crisis’.[…] A debate over ‘loss and damage’ is expected to be a key issue at the Cop-27 summit, with developing countries having already made demands ahead of the Egypt gathering. READ: Ed Miliband …

Pakistani Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy

A Pakistani Christian man, Asif Pervaiz, 37, has been in jail since 2013 after he refused his supervisors request to convert to Christianity. When Pervaiz refused, the factory supervisor then accused Pervaiz of sending blasphemous texts against Islam, that the Christian man denied sending. Pervaiz has been in jail since 2013 and this year was found guilty of blasphemy and sentenced to death.

Massive marble cross found in the Himalayas

Reports are circulating that a massive marble cross weighing several tons was discovered near a small village in the Himalaya mountains on Pakistan’s side of an area that borders China, India and Afghanistan. The cross is estimated to be over 1,000 years old reflects a vibrant Christian community that once existed in this now predominantly Muslim area. In their news release announcing the find, researchers from the University of Baltistan, Skardu said: “The huge cross of marble rock weighing 3-4 tons and measuring approximately 7×6 feet has been found some two kilometers from the base camp, high in the mountains of Kavardo, Baltistan, overlooking the Indus River,” Referred to as the Kavardo Cross, it’s one of the largest crosses discovered in this region of the world. WND writes: It’s one of the largest crosses on the Indian subcontinent, according to Wajid Bhatti, another researcher from the University of Baltistan. READ: Massive, ancient sign of Christianity found in Muslim land AND Mysterious Ancient Marble Cross Found in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan Credit: r12a/Flickr/Creative Commons

Have you heard about the Chinese Martyrs in Pakistan?

On June 8, 2017, Islamic radicals announced that they had executed two citizens of China, in Pakistan. The two were a man and a woman, apparently a married couple, named Meng Lisi and Li Xinheng. They were identified as unauthorized Christian missionaries who tried to convert Muslims in Balochistan, a dangerous province in Pakistan, where the majority population is Muslim. The couple lived in Quetta, the capital city. Something interesting is happening there. RELATED: Risky road: China’s missionaries follow Beijing west: BBC If you look at a map of China, you can see that western Chinese territory borders on Pakistan, in a remote mountainous region. Pakistan has been allied with China for decades, as their rival India sided with Russia and the Soviet Union. Recently, China has invested billions in “Silk Road” trade to the west to expand their trade economy. The Silk Road trade route, including travel by sea near the ancient coast of India and Pakistan, was a popular idea with the ancient Roman Empire, two thousand years ago. At the time of …

Karachi, Pakistan Credit: Benny Lin/Flickr/Creative Commons

Marilyn Hickey, a Pakistani anomaly

As we read about Christians being persecuted in Muslim countries, a weird anomaly keeps popping up — American televangelist Marilyn Hickey. Aged 86, last November during a eight-day tour she preached the gospel in Karachi, Pakistan before crowds totaling nearly one million people. She did it freely with no resistance from the government or threats from Muslim extremists. According to reports she is known as the ‘mom of Pakistan” and for some reason has even been accepted by imams in the Muslim Pakistani community. The terrorists basically ignore her because she is an old woman. Officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, with 201 million people it is the sixth most populated country in the world. It was formed in 1947 as a home for Muslims living in India and nearly 95% of the country is Muslim. In its revised 1973 constitution, the country declared Islam its state religion and all laws must be in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah. At this point, the country has not implemented Sharia law, however polls indicate …

Lahore, Pakistan Credit: Usman Malik/Flickr/Creative Commons

Pakistani prosecutor tells 42 Christians to convert to Islam to escape murder charges

After Muslim extremists blew up a Catholic church in Lahore, Pakistan in 2015 killing 14 and injuring 75, Christians took to the streets. In the mayhem that followed, the police captured two Muslim men accused of the brutal bombing and handed them over to a Christian crowd who then lynched the Muslims. After the two Muslim men were murdered, Pakistani authorities arrested 500 Christians and kept most of them in jail for nearly 18 months under brutal treatment that included torture. However, after finding most had nothing to do with the crime, about 450 were let go, leaving 42 men still in prison. The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) that is monitoring the situation and providing legal help to the those arrested was horrified by the killing of the two Muslim men, but it said that at least 30 of the men still in jail had nothing to do with the crime. The BPCA then reported on a disturbing story published in a national Pakistani paper, The Express Tribune. The paper wrote about a bizarre …

Pakistani woman sentenced to hanging for blasphemy

[by Dean Smith] While in the U.S., Houston City Council has subpoenaed the speeches, notes, emails and even texts of five pastors concerning any discussions they had on homosexuality, gender identity and the city’s openly gay mayor Annise Parker with threats of imprisonment or fines if they don’t comply, on the other side of the world a woman is fighting for her life for much the same reason — the freedom to be a Christian and believe in the Bible. It is only the severity of the punishment that is different. Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, 46, languishes in jail, after a Pakistani court sentenced her to hanging for blaspheming Muhammad. She recently lost an appeal to have this death sentence over turned. The reality is, the extremist state is punishing Asia because she would not recant her Christian faith and become a Muslim.