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Pakistan hikes up punishment for blasphemy

Christians in Muslim-dominated Pakistan are expressing concerns about recent changes to the country’s blasphemy law, the Christian Post reports.

The change increases the punishment for anyone who criticizes the companions, wives, and friends of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad.

Under old legislation, a person could potentially face a prison sentence of three years for such criticism. This has now been increased to a maximum of 10 years, and a potential fine of approximately $4,500US.

Over the years, Pakistan’s blasphemy laws have been abused. People have made false allegations in an effort to seize lands, take out competitors and as revenge in petty disputes.

The irony is that during cases, people accusing others of blasphemy are not allowed to reveal what the accused said, because that would be an act of blasphemy as well. So it comes down to the justice system having to take the accuser’s word for it, which has opened the process up to corruption.

There are also reports of prosecutors offering to drop the charges, in a non-blasphemy-related case, against non-Muslim citizens if they converted to Islam.

Nearly 97% of Pakistan’s 243 million population is Muslim.

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