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Don’t let the sun’s smiley face fool you

The sun’s bizarre smiley face was recorded by a NASA satellite on Oct 22, 2022.
Credit: NASA/Public Domain

Describing the sun as our solar system’s largest nuclear reactor, NASA recently tweeted a photo, taken by one of its satellites, of the sun showing a bizarre-looking smiley face.

But don’t let that smile fool you.

Those dark spots are caused by coronal holes, which are areas of high magnetic activity, which are spewing out solar winds into space.

In large enough quantities, these have the potential to disrupt radio and television communication on earth and even damage electrical equipment.

The National Post provides a quote by Brian Keating, a physics professor at the University of California:

“When the particles, which carry electrical charge, hit the planet in small doses, colourful auroras might follow, bringing brilliant displays caused by the atmosphere’s gases interacting with the sun’s burped-up shoots of energy. The problems come if a tremendous number of the teeny-tiny particles hit Earth, Keating said. Instead of being sucked into Earth’s magnetic field, they could get picked up by radio antennae and disrupt radio, television and other communication channels. A severe solar storm could even damage electrical grids and cause power outages, Keating added.”

READ: The sun was ‘smiling’ in a NASA photo. It might be a warning for Earth

I am not sure a strange smiley face on the sun qualifies as one of the strange and fearful events from heaven that Jesus warned about in the end times:

There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, along with fearful sights and great signs from heaven. (Luke 21:11 Berean Bible)

But it might.

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