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Did the Russian president publicly threaten nuclear war?

Nuclear explosion at the Nevada Test Site on April 18, 1953
Credit: National Nuclear Security Administration/Wikipedia/Public Domain

With Putin’s invasion starting to falter as Ukraine launched a successful counter-attack against the invaders, Russia’s now desperate leader, Vladimir Putin, has publicly threatened to use tactical nuclear weapons, the Daily Mail reports.

Putin made the announcement in a public statement to the Russian people on Wednesday where he also ordered a partial mobilization for the hugely unpopular war.

The Daily Mail adds that if Putin were to do this, there were indications that the Americans would respond with attacks on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. There were no threats of America or NATO using nuclear weapons in the counter-attacks.

The Daily Mail writes:

His comments come after the Russian premier sent shockwaves around the world, as he announced the ‘partial mobilization’ of his reserve military forces to continue his murderous invasion of Ukraine

And in a chilling warning directed squarely at Western and Nato leaders, desperate despot Putin insisted he would use ‘all means’ necessary to defend swathes of territory seized or set to be annexed by Kremlin forces before threatening to use nuclear weapons. 

‘If there is a threat to the territorial integrity of our country, and in protecting our people we will certainly use all means to us – and I’m not bluffing,’ he then added during his televised address to the Russian people on Wednesday morning. 

READ: EXCLUSIVE: America WILL retaliate with ‘a devastating strike’ against Russia’s Black Sea Fleet or bases in Crimea if Putin follows through on a threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, US Army’s former European commander warns

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This is not the first time, that Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons during his invasion of Ukraine.

At the start of the invasion, pundits on Russia’s state controlled TV were warning of the use of nuclear weapons. READ: ON THE BRINK: Putin’s ‘propaganda chief’ threatens West with nuclear destruction as Russia’s arsenal put on high alert

Putin also indirectly implied it, when he warned of ‘such consequences that you have never encountered in your history.’ READ: Putin implies nuclear attack if West interferes in Ukraine. Why it’s not just an empty threat

Does the Bible warn of nuclear war in the end times?

Many have wondered if the Bible warns of nuclear war in the end times.

I believe it does.

But we need to understand that these Biblical prophets were having visions of events taking place thousands of years in the future. The biggest problem is they needed to find words in their language, where bows and arrows were the most advanced weapons of the day, to describe what they were seeing.

82 | What do the prophets Zechariah and John have to say about nuclear war?

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  1. Author, do you believe the West is justified in its proxy war against Russia? The peaceful agreements that were pre-invasion between Russia and Ukraine were thwarted by NATO, not Russia.

    I would encourage you to read anything other than the propaganda thrown out by leadership of the West… no saints on either side.


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