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Pharmaceutical bribery?

The Blaze provides details on a court case involving a doctor who was found guilty of allegedly accepting bribes from a pharmaceutical company to prescribe fentanyl.

The Blaze writes:

Randall Halley, a Missouri physician, was sentenced on Tuesday for accepting bribes from a drug manufacturer in exchange for prescribing fentanyl to his patients. The 65-year-old who pleaded guilty in 2021 was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison. […]

Halley overprescribed fentanyl for kickbacks from the pharmaceutical company so often that he ranked highest in Missouri and 38th in the nation for sales of the drug. The physician admitted to lying on Medicare pre-approval forms to secure insurance coverage. He also admitted to providing staff with his DEA registration number so they could prescribe medications in his absence.

The drug manufacturer made it appear that Halley was being paid as a speaker at various events. In reality, the physician was collecting bribes for prescribing the company’s fentanyl to his patients. Authorities discovered a direct correlation between the payments from the company and Halley’s issued prescriptions.

READ: Missouri physician gets 1 year in prison for accepting drug manufacturer bribes in exchange for prescribing fentanyl

Speaking of bribes, Communist China has a similar problem

READ: Chinese Company Developing Coronavirus Vaccine Previously Bribed Regulators For Other Vaccine Approvals

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