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A couple contradictory stories from the climate change cult

Let them burn

The council for the city of Vancouver has gone all teary-eyed on its purchase of an electric fire truck.

Lorne Gunter explains the benefits:

Vancouver is giddy about being the first city in the country to receive an all-electric fire truck.

The new e-truck will cost $300,000 more than a comparable diesel model, pump 40 per cent less water and have such a short range (30 km) because of its enormous weight that it will have to have backup diesel power in case it runs out of juice on the way to a blaze.

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Let them freeze

The UN is warning Europe with the coming winter and Russia’s cuts in natural gas exports, that their green politicians should not return to fossil fuels to keep people warm.

Breitbart provides the details:

The world is grappling with the worst energy crisis in generations however the U.N. has warned Europe a return to fossil fuels in response to soaring prices and winter shortages must not be considered under any circumstances.

Russia has reduced supplies of gas to Europe since its invasion of Ukraine, sending fuel prices soaring, while supply chain issues in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic have also hit deliveries.

Despite those travails, “There is no room for backtracking in the face of the ongoing climate crisis,” deputy U.N. rights chief Nada Al Nashif told the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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