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Switzerland threatens jail times for heating homes too much this winter

Bern, Switzerland

Interesting things are happening in Switzerland. In addition, to embracing unreliable and expensive green energy, the enlightened country also decided to purchase its natural gas, from a communist tyrant.

The people of Switzerland are now paying the price for these ‘woke’ decisions.

With shortages of natural gas expected this winter after Russia cut off its supply, Swiss politicians are threatening jail time for anyone who raises the temperature of their house over 19 degrees Celsius this winter.

Breitbart provides the details:

Under proposed legislation in the home of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Swiss lawmakers are preparing to set legal limits on the use of heating during the winter should the country face energy shortages. Under the plans, gas-heated buildings would be capped at 19C (66.2F) and water heating up to 60C (140F). Saunas and swimming pools would also be forced by government diktat to remain cold.

So-called “heating sinners” in Switzerland who heat buildings above the legal limit will face daily fines of 30 francs ($30/£27) to a maximum of 3,000 francs. Fines for companies that deliberately breach the regulations will likely be much higher.

Most worryingly, individuals who are found to have intentionally violated the energy rationing limit could be jailed for up to three years, the Swiss German-language daily newspaper Blick reported.

And, Swiss politicians are encouraging people to turn in any of their neighbors, friends, and family who dare to break the heating law.

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