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The sounds of hell emanating from a Black Hole?

Most people believe that sound can’t travel in space because it is a vacuum. This isn’t completely true, because certain celestial objects, such as black holes, release gas allowing sound to travel.

NASA recently released a recording of a black hole, located about 200 million light-years away:

There was an immediate response on Twitter to this eerie sound, with some comparing it to hell.

The Blaze explains:

“Nasa, on a pleasant august sunday evening: hey wanna hear what’s surely the wailing of souls trapped inside a black hole since the beginning of human existence,” read one popular response.

“Oh neat it’s the sound of demons screaming from the depths of Hell,” said Matt Walsh.

“I’m not religious, but I’m starting to think that those souls sent to Hell actually end up in a black hole,” tweeted an associate professor of planetary science.

READ: NASA releases audio of a black hole and it goes mega-viral after everyone compares it to the sounds of hell

Apparently, the sound freaked out one cat:

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