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Study: Omicron 91% less lethal than Delta

A study out of California, conducted by Kaiser Permanente Southern California, has determined that Omicron, the dominant strain of COVID in the US, is 91% less lethal than the previous variant Delta.

The study of 70,000 people also found that comparing Omicron with Delta, there was:

  • 53% less chance of people being hospitalized;
  • 74% less chance of being admitted to the intensive care unit;
  • 70% reduction in length of hospital stay (Omicron patient’s median stay in hospital was 1.5 days compared to five days for Delta); and
  • Not a single instance of an Omicron patient requiring ventilation.

Omicron now makes up 98% of the COVID cases in the US.

Many researchers believe that Omicron marks the end of the pandemic.

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