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Canadian province of Quebec plans to tax the unvaccinated

Francois Legault, the premier of the Canadian province of Quebec, has just announced that the province will be taxing those who refuse to get the COVID vaccine unless they have a medical exemption.

The Blaze reports that the tax could amount to $100 CDN (approximately $80 US).

According to the National Post, the government introduced the bill a day after announcing it and reports that the tax will be implemented quarterly

Legault is implementing the tax because the unvaccinated are a drain on the province’s government-funded health care system.

This will be the first jurisdiction in Canada to financially penalize those who refuse the COVID vaccine for the Omicron variant that is less severe than the seasonal flu.

READ: Quebec plans to require people to pay a ‘health contribution’ if they won’t get vaccinated against COVID-19 AND FIRST READING: That was fast. Quebec goes all-in on mandatory vaccination | National Post, Jan 12, 2022

The decision to tax the unvaccinated opens the door for taxes on other groups that similarly result in increased medical usage.

If the government does not tax them, then Premier Legault simply wants to punish those who refuse to bend the knee to his regime.

Will Quebec tax smokers?

There is no indication if a similar tax will be imposed on smokers, who are also costing Quebec’s medical system. According to a 2017 study, approximately 15% of Quebecers smoke.

Will Quebec tax the obese?

Obesity is also a major health risk, and there is no indication if the government will tax the 25% of Quebecers considered overweight.

Will Quebec tax car drivers?

And since more people under the age of 65 die in car accidents in a typical year in Canada than from COVID, certainly a tax on driving must be in consideration as well.

Will Quebec implement an old age tax?

Since 89.9% of the COVID deaths in Quebec are over the age of 70, will Quebec be implementing an old age tax as well?

Will Quebec tax non-dog owners?

The government must seriously be considering a tax on non-dog owners as well. The government currently has a curfew in place that does not allow people to leave their homes between 10 pm and 5 am (with limited exceptions).

Last year, the government did not allow people to leave their homes after 8 pm. Similar to today, there were exceptions. One allowed people to go out after 8 if they were walking a dog. Since the government believes dogs provide protection against COVID, a non-dog tax would certainly be in order. READ: Chris Selley: No reason to trust Quebec’s new curfew will work, or end any time soon: National Post, Jan 7, 2021

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