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Omicron: CDC reports hospitalizations less than half of the previous variants

According to a report by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Omicron is significantly milder than previous variants.

The Daily Wire writes that despite the fact Omicron is rapidly spreading across the US (up to one million new cases daily), the number of hospitalizations is half what they were at the height of previous COVID variant peaks.

The CDC also noted that just 3% of those who contract Omicron need hospitalizations, which is less than half the 6.5% reported in January 2021. And the deaths attributed to Omicron are less than a third of what they were the same time last year.

The Daily Wire also cited a study by the Africa Health Research Institute, based in Durban, South Africa, which reports that people who contract Omicron gain a higher immunity to the more dangerous Delta variant.

READ: COVID-19 Hospitalizations Down 50% Compared To 2021 Peak, CDC Data Shows

EVEN THE NEW YORK TIMES is reporting that Omicron is about as dangerous as the seasonal flu, which, unfortunately, can also be dangerous to the vulnerable elderly. READ: New York Times: Omicron risk similar to the flu

MEANWHILE, IN CALIFORNIA, the state will be extending its indoor facemask mandate until Feb 15, 2022, even though everyone is now admitting that cloth masks are essentially useless in stopping the spread of COVID. READ: California extends statewide indoor mask mandate into February

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