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Has the Omicron COVID variant already lost its bite?

When the mainstream media warning the world about an ominous new strain of COVID called Omicron emerging out of South Africa, panic set in.

The stock market crashed on the news. READ: Omicron Covid variant causes global markets to plunge

Predictably, political and medical leaders were calling for a return to lockdowns, with some stating it was the worst variant yet. Democrat New York Gov Kathy Hachu immediately instituted a state emergency.

Of course, they could have waited until they received more information, but what fun would that be.

The Blaze reports that Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who first reported Omicron, stated that though this variant has some unusual side effects such as fatigue, muscle soreness, and headaches, it is a mild version of the virus with younger patients recovering in a couple of days.

The Daily Mail writes that Omicron has not resulted in any hospitalizations or deaths in South Africa. It also added that one German epidemiologist, Professor Karl Lauterbach, suggests Omicron might in fact be a Christmas gift as its arrival may signal that COVID is on its way to becoming just another annoying influenza, similar to the cold and flu, that plague us during the winter flu season.

READ: Doctor who raised alarm about new COVID variant pumps brakes on hysteria, says symptoms are ‘unusual, but mild’ AND Could Omicron be GOOD news? Variant ‘might speed up end of pandemic if it causes mild illness’ as South Africa records NO hospital admissions or deaths from super strain – but scientists won’t know for at least two weeks

Of course, this is not the first time we heard this.

Back in September 2021, Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, who helped develop Oxford University’s COVID vaccine, said that she expects the virus to start transforming into nothing more than an annoying cold. READ: ‘Covid is going to just become a cold’: Vaccine pioneer says virus will get weaker all the time as Whitty says every child is going to get it, unless they are jabbed

And the president of the pharmaceutical company that developed the Moderna vaccine said much the same thing. READ: Covid? What Covid? Moderna boss expects pandemic to be done next year as top Oxford expert says we’re already ‘over the worst’… and even Professor Neil Ferguson says Britain is unlikely to need another ‘full-blown lockdown’

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