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Britain’s pingdemic: Feed a cold, starve a COVID?

We have the old saying feed a cold, starve a fever, well it seems the bureaucrats in Britain’s National Health System (NHS) are now applying this folk medicine to COVID, believing that starving a person is the best way to deal with coronavirus.

The NHS bureaucracy has developed a contact tracing app for cell phones that tracks people as they live their daily wife. If anyone comes in contact with a person that may have tested positive for COVID, they receive a ping ordering them to isolate for ten days.

It is now being referred to as the pingdemic, as hundreds of thousands of people are being ordered to stay home, even if they have been fully vaccinated and tested negative for COVID.

Using Bluetooth, the app roughly determines how close you are to nearby people by the strength of the Bluetooth signals.

As you can imagine, it is woefully inaccurate, and the app can’t tell if the person you are close to is in the neighbouring apartment, inside a store as you walk by on the street, in an upstairs office, in a car pulling up beside you at a light, or hundreds of other scenarios where you have actually not had contact with the person.

People have even been pinged when someone contacted COVID in a neighbouring home, a couple houses away.

So far, the app has pinged 1.7 million people into isolation, and the numbers are rapidly escalating.

You can only imagine what chaos the pingdemic is causing British businesses, as employers have no idea if anyone will show up for work the next day.

Already pictures are emerging of stores with their shelves completely empty because the store, its supplier or even the delivery service have been completely wiped out by a ping.

But not only are grocery stores being decimated by a ping, so are police and fire departments and as well medical services.

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