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Study: A coffee a day cuts chances of falling ill to COVID by 10%

Since, I love coffee, every time I see an article on how great coffee is for you, I post it.

So, of course, I was going to post about an article published in the journal Nutrients by American scientists that concluded drinking one cup of coffee a day reduces your chances of falling ill to COVID by (drum roll please)


According to the Daily Mail, the researchers came to this conclusion after studying the drinking habits of 40,000 Brits. The researchers concluded this benefit was the result of “health-boosting plant chemicals that may turbocharge the immune system.”

READ: Just ONE cup of coffee a day cuts the risk of falling ill with coronavirus by a tenth because it will ‘turbocharge’ your immune system, study finds

So, let’s do the math here, if one cup of coffee reduces your chance of catching COVID by 10%, does that mean four cups a coffee a day will reduce it by 40%???

I highly doubt it, but if it did, this would make coffee more effective at stopping COVID than vaccines produced by the Chinese Communist Party.

But I will gladly settle for the 10%.

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