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Got to trust the COVID tests?

Disney Dream Cruise Lines was gearing up for a return to cruising, but the plans were postponed when COVID tests returned questionable results.

According to the Daily Mail, the US Centers for Disease Control initially allowed cruise lines to return to the seas if they could verify that 95% of the passengers have been full vaccinated (essentially implementing a vaccine passport) or run at least one simulation cruise that verifies their safety protocols.

Sailing out of Port Canaveral, Disney decided to do a simulation run with 300 workers, but things took a turn when test results gave mixed results after five crew members who were showing no symptoms for a virus tested negative one day and then positive the very next day.

Florida has argued that CDC’s requirements that 95% of people on the ship are vaccinated was essentially the federal government’s attempt to close down the cruise industry, and it successfully took the CDC to court ending the need for a vaccine passport, resulting in CDC implementing the simulation run.

READ: Disney postpones its first test cruise after ‘inconsistent’ COVID-19 test results among crew – with five vaccinated people testing positive one day and negative the next

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