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96% of women oppose sharing restrooms with men

Harking back to an era when women didn’t have a vote, I am not sure if women are allowed to have an opinion today on certain woke issues.

But just in case they still are, a new YouGov poll stated that 96% of women were opposed to replacing separate men and women restrooms with gender-neutral facilities.

According to the poll, less than one in 20 women said they favoured having only shared facilities available to them in public areas, such as stores, airports and restaurants.

Even men were uncomfortable with the idea, with only one in 10 supporting the idea of only being able to use shared facilities.

However, 30% stated they were ok with gender-neutral facilities operating alongside separate facilities for men and women.

READ: Just 4% of women back turning toilets gender-neutral: Fewer than one in 20 females support the end of traditional ladies’ and gents’ loos, poll shows

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