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Even dogs need lockdown therapy?

The New York Post reports that some dog owners are paying for expensive therapy for their dogs who have become too comfortable having their owners home all the time because of the COVID lockdowns. As their owners return to work, dogs are now experiencing anxiety from the separation.

New York Post writes:

Nicole Cueto sobbed as she locked the door of her apartment and heard her dog, Marty, crying hysterically on the other side.

“He was anxious and upset,” the Manhattan resident recalled of the incident earlier this year when she had to go out to work for the first time in months. “It was extremely traumatic for the both of us, and I could not focus on my job for days after.”

To help him cope, Cueto has invested $340 in professional pet training and counseling — a fraction of the amount many concerned owners are forking over — and Marty is becoming accustomed to being apart from his person.

READ: Dogs with post-pandemic separation anxiety get pricey therapy to cope

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