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Hong Kong clinic won’t recommend China’s vaccine

The Chinese people have the same distrust of their Communist tyrants as the rest of the world. In Hong Kong, a private clinic, that was vaccinating residents against COVID, got into trouble with its Communist overlords, when the clinic recommended Pfizer over a vaccine manufactured in China.

Breitbart explains:

Hong Kong government authorities ejected a private clinic from the city’s coronavirus vaccine drive on Tuesday for suggesting patients choose the coronavirus vaccine developed by American company Pfizer over a Chinese-made option.

Hong Kong’s Department of Health said it revoked a clinic’s permission to administer coronavirus vaccines and reclaimed unused doses of the Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine candidate “Coronavac” from the facility because the doctor who runs the clinic, Lau Tung-wah, violated an agreement with the city’s coronavirus inoculation program.

The announcement followed news reports over the weekend that the clinic had shared the following message with its patients: “Sinovac has a bad reputation, and BioNTech’s international reputation is good.” BioNTech is a European company that developed the American vaccine alongside Pfizer and is supplying Hong Kong’s batches of the product. Sinovac is the Chinese company that developed Coronavac.

“Dr. Lau himself gets BioNTech and not Sinovac, as does professor Yuen Kwok-yung,” the note added.

READ: Hong Kong Punishes Clinic for Advising Against Chinese-Made Coronavirus Vaccine

Of course, China’s vaccine manufacturers have close links to the Chinese Communist Party and not surprisingly, the Communist regime recently passed a law that anyone visiting the regime must take China’s vaccine, even if they had already been vaccinated with a superior vaccine. READ: China to only allow foreign visitors who have had Chinese-made vaccine

China’s COVID vaccine has taken an PR beating in recent months as Brazil announced it was only 50% effective in stopping the virus despite the regime’s claim it was 80% effective. The Communist controlled state media responded that 50% was “good enough.” READ: China Declares Its 50-Percent Effective Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate ‘Good Enough’

And over the years, the Chinese people have become inherently distrustful of vaccines manufactured in the Communist regime and are even refusing to take flu vaccines produced in the country. READ: China Struggling to Convince Citizens to Take Chinese-Made Flu Shots AND: Coronavirus: vaccine scandals haunt China’s winter flu shot drive

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