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Hong Kong clinic won’t recommend China’s vaccine

The Chinese people have the same distrust of their Communist tyrants as the rest of the world. In Hong Kong, a private clinic, that was vaccinating residents against COVID, got into trouble with its Communist overlords, when the clinic recommended Pfizer over a vaccine manufactured in China.

Video: Dog stops car after owner collapses from seizure

An amazing story out of Ottawa, Canada reveals how, Clover, a Samoyed dog rescued her owner. Haley Moore was walking her dog, when she had a seizure and fell to the ground unconscious. The first thing Clover did was check on Haley and then an incredible thing happens. After Clover watches the first car drive by, she then pulls the leash free from beneath her owner’s body, and when the next car approaches, Clover runs into the middle of the street in an effort to stop the car. As the car approached, Clover slowly walked backwards blocking the vehicle until it finally stopped and the driver checked on Haley, who is doing fine after being taken to the hospital by ambulance. It reminds me of a similar incident in the Bible, when Balaam was riding his donkey to curse the Jews on behalf of a Moabite king. When an armed angel appeared on their path blocking their journey, the donkey veered off the path and refused to go any further. Balaam who had not seen …

How a black woman’s Christian love impacted a Neo Nazi

I was encouraged when I read the story on Christian Post of how Michael Kent, a self-professed Neo Nazi, was led to the Lord by his black probation officer, Tiffany Whittier. Kent said his hatred of blacks started when he was 12 years old and was starting to hang out with a black friend, until his mother kicked Kent out of their house stating she would not have a “blue-eyed devil” in her home. By the age of 15, Kent was attending Neo Nazi rallies. He became involved with drugs and this along with his dislike for Blacks led to several altercations with the law. He had been in an out of jail several times, and most of his previous parole officers had treated Kent as a number and didn’t deal with the racial issues that dominated Kent’s life. However, Kent’s life was transformed when Tiffany Whittier, a Black woman, was assigned to be his parole officer on what would be his life changing last release. Tiffany is a believer, and when she showed up …

Michigan tyranny?

A week or so ago, Tucker Carlson had Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, a Polish woman who immigrated to the US, on his show. She is from Michigan and owned a Bistro restaurant that she kept open in defiance of Michigan’s lockdown orders. Shortly after her interview, Michigan’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel, had Pavlos-Hackney arrested in a sting operation. According to Carlson, Pavlos-Hackney’s crime was that she appeared on Carlson’s show and openly defied Nessel.

Columnist calls for ORU to be banned from NCAA basketball tournament

Many secular sport’s writers are referring to Oral Roberts University (ORU) as this year’s Cinderella team at the NCAA Division I national basketball tournament, after ORU came from behind to beat the 7th seeded Florida Gators 81-78 to advance to the 16 team round (Sweet 16). Also referred to as March Madness, the annual tournament determines the best college basketball team in America. In its previous game, the 15th seeded ORU Golden Eagles beat 2nd seeded Ohio State in the tournament’s first round allowing ORU to advance to the 32 round and became only the second 15th seeded team in history to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Oral Roberts will play Arkansas on Saturday. Oral Roberts, a charismatic Christian evangelist who died in 2009, started the Oral Roberts University based in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1963 to “develop Holy Spirit empowered leaders through whole education to impact the world.” It has grown to become one of the most influential Christian universities in the world expanding to six colleges and offering 70 undergraduate and 20 graduate degrees. …

Lockdowns: Young adults experiencing high levels of psychological distress

Despite the COVID death rates for people between the ages of 18-29 being extremely low ranging from .003% to .013%, (a fraction of a percentage), the same can’t be said for the lockdowns. According to a recent poll by Pew, nearly a third of young adult Americans are “experiencing high levels of ‘psychological distress'” and it’s due primarily to the lockdowns, not COVID.

When in ‘doubt’ pray in ‘tongues’

In an article on Charisma News, Ruth Zschomler shared the amazing story on how the gift of tongues saved a woman’s life. On August 9, 2011, Kathi and David Byker were abruptly awakened from their sleep in Grandville, Michigan by two men wearing hoods and brandishing knives. The pair quickly bound Kathi with duct tape on her ankles and wrists and demanded that David pay a ransom for her release. One of the assailants put a knife to Kathi’s throat saying she would be killed if David didn’t provide the money. After blindfolding Kathi and gagging her mouth with duct tape, Kathi was dragged into the family’s SUV and driven away. David was then given a cell phone number to call once he had gotten the money. The message was clear without payment, Kathi would die. As she was lying in the back of the SUV and being driven away, Kathi was terrified as the driver repeatedly warned her he would kill her if she tried to sit up. Terrified, Kathi stated she wanted to …