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Lockdowns: Young adults experiencing high levels of psychological distress

Despite the COVID death rates for people between the ages of 18-29 being extremely low ranging from .003% to .013%, (a fraction of a percentage), the same can’t be said for the lockdowns.

According to a recent poll by Pew, nearly a third of young adult Americans are “experiencing high levels of ‘psychological distress'” and it’s due primarily to the lockdowns, not COVID.

FEE reports:

Most young people are at little risk of dying from the coronavirus. But a new Pew Research survey shows that they are disproportionately bearing the consequences of heavy-handed pandemic lockdowns and isolating government restrictions.

Pew finds that an astounding 32 percent of young adults aged 18 to 29 report experiencing high levels of “psychological distress.” An additional 31 percent say they’ve experienced a medium level. Notably, women and lower-income are even more likely to have experienced serious psychological distress within this young subgroup

Meanwhile, 45 percent of respondents under 30 reported being “nervous, anxious or on edge” at least “occasionally or a moderate amount of time.”

What’s the root cause of this widespread distress among young adults? Well, reports often attribute it to “the pandemic” or “COVID,” but in actuality, it’s largely attributable to the lockdown policies and government restrictions, not the virus itself. 

READ: Pew Research: Lockdowns Prompting Devastating Levels of ‘Psychological Distress’ Among Young People

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