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Columnist calls for ORU to be banned from NCAA basketball tournament

Many secular sport’s writers are referring to Oral Roberts University (ORU) as this year’s Cinderella team at the NCAA Division I national basketball tournament, after ORU came from behind to beat the 7th seeded Florida Gators 81-78 to advance to the 16 team round (Sweet 16). Also referred to as March Madness, the annual tournament determines the best college basketball team in America.

In its previous game, the 15th seeded ORU Golden Eagles beat 2nd seeded Ohio State in the tournament’s first round allowing ORU to advance to the 32 round and became only the second 15th seeded team in history to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Oral Roberts will play Arkansas on Saturday.

Oral Roberts, a charismatic Christian evangelist who died in 2009, started the Oral Roberts University based in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1963 to “develop Holy Spirit empowered leaders through whole education to impact the world.”

It has grown to become one of the most influential Christian universities in the world expanding to six colleges and offering 70 undergraduate and 20 graduate degrees.

Of course, in the original Cinderella story from the 17th century, there was a evil stepmother whose goal was to elevate her daughters, demean Cinderella and prevent her from attending the royal ball where a charming prince would choose his wife.

Today, we call it cancel culture, where those on the woke left try to cancel anyone who doesn’t hold their personal views.

It was on display in a recent USA Today column when Hemal Jhaveri stated that the NCAA should not have allowed Oral Roberts University to compete in the tournament because it holds a Biblical position on sexuality that does not agree with homosexuality or premarital sex.

Jhaveri wrote:

“Oral Roberts, with its decrees banning homosexual conduct, stating that marriage is only between a man and a woman, and specifically banning male students from wearing makeup, earned a ticket to the Big Dance even though the university’s foundations expressly go against the very things the NCAA say they value. The fact is, any and all anti-LGBTQ+ language in any school’s policies should ban them from NCAA competition.”

There was push back to the article on social media with people asking if any players, refs, coaches who do not agree with Jhaveri’s opinions should also be banned from the tournament?

Others pointed out that Islamic players and schools hold similar views and wondered if Jhaveri would be calling for a ban of Muslim schools and players as well?

Another on Facebook pointed out that the woke culture has a twisted view of tolerance, where apparently only woke views are tolerated:

Wow- cancel culture at is best. FTW feeding the beast. Let these boys play ball. Keep politics out of it. Shame on you FTW. We live in a world of perceived tolerance- you expecting that they should accept LGBT; however tolerance is also accepting religious beliefs of others. You don’t have to like it, but accept that it is different than what you might believe… Tolerance is a 2 way street.

Another added:

Everyone in America has the rights as far as I know to believe how they want, just like the LGBTQ has the right to believe how they do. Just because you don’t like it, you can’t take religious freedoms away from American people. Is this still America?

The culture wars are just starting for Christians who are clearly in the sites of many on the woke left.

READ: Oral Roberts stuns Gators with 81-78 win, advances to Sweet Sixteen AND NCAA Should Boot Oral Roberts Due to Biblical Beliefs on LGBT Issues, USA Today Columnist Says

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