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65% of Austrians say lockdown worse than virus

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 65% of Austrians believe that the country’s lockdown is causing more damage than the virus. This is up from the 41% of Austrians who had that same sentiment last year. As the lockdowns continue, the Austrians are seeing two things.

First, the lockdowns are clearly not working. If they did, the virus should have been stopped in its track last year. Secondly, they are seeing first hand the damage the lockdown is doing to the economy and people’s lives.

Breitbart reports:

Nearly two-thirds of Austrians believe that the economic consequences of Wuhan coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions will be worse for people’s lives than the virus itself.

An Austrian Gallup Institute online survey of 1,000 Austrians found that 65 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement that the economic consequences of the Wuhan coronavirus lockdowns would destroy the lives of people more than the virus, up from 41 per cent the year before.

The February 2021 poll also found that Austrians have become less confident in the government’s approach to the pandemic in comparison to governments of other European Union member states, with just 28 per cent saying Austria has done a better job than other EU countries, ORF reported on Monday.

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Meanwhile, in a blatant attack on free speech, the Austrian government is using the police to stop any protests against its COVID lockdown.

Of course, researchers have telling politicians for months that the lockdowns not only don’t work in stopping COVID, they are destroying people’s lives and the economy.

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