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Fake Amazon reviews?

I try to avoid buying off Amazon as much as possible, as I prefer to support businesses in my local community that are paying taxes and providing jobs. But on occasion, I have used Amazon reviews to determine if I should purchase an item. Now, it seems, I shouldn’t even do that because there are websites selling fake Amazon reviews. Apparently, you can even buy them in bulk.

Breitbart explains:

Fake reviews for products on Amazon are being sold “in bulk” online in what has become a “widespread fake reviews industry.”

The consumer group Which? has discovered at least ten websites that are selling fake reviews online in exchange for £5 each, as well as in exchange for free or discounted products, according to a report by BBC News.

There are also “packages” of fake reviews available for merchants to buy for about £15 individually, as well as bulk packages starting at £620 for 50 reviews, and £8,000 for 1,000 reviews.

Which? also suggested that five of the businesses selling fake reviews had more than 702,000 so-called “product reviewers” on their books. These product reviewers can even take part in “loyalty schemes,” earning themselves premium goods.

READ: Fake Amazon Reviews Are Being Sold ‘in Bulk’

Of course, as governments shut down local business during their lockdowns, Amazon thrived. Many suspect that the online boom caused by the lockdowns will continue even after governments regain their sanity and end the lockdowns. READ: Amazon Is the ‘Clear Winner’ From COVID-19 Lockdowns: Analyst

This is bad news for politicians and bureaucrats who are incapable of seeing the long term devastation caused by their decisions. They don’t realize this could permanently impact their tax base as businesses are forced to close and people lose their jobs.

Many believe the long term economic fallout from the lockdowns will cause more damage and problems than COVID. READ: Critics say lockdowns will be more damaging than the virus. Experts say it’s a false choice

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