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Riot breaks out in Washington, DC, one person dead

Disturbing news coming out of Washington, DC, that riots have broken out as Trump supporters who were in the city for a rally stormed the White House on what is Electoral College Certification Day. According to reports a woman has died after being shot by police.

The Daily Wire reports:

Washington, D.C. police are now saying the woman who was shot this afternoon at the United States Capitol amid an insurrection has died.

The woman has not been identified and it is not known whether she is a staffer, a bystander, or a protester, but she was reportedly shot in the chest this afternoon during a riot that saw supporters of President Donald Trump storm the United States Capitol, breaking doors and windows and taking over the building.

NBC News reported that the woman was shot by law enforcement.

‘BREAKING: 1 person was shot this afternoon inside the U.S. Capitol building by a member of law enforcement as Trump supporters stormed the building, several law enforcement officials say,” the outlet noted on Twitter.

READ: Woman Shot At United States Capitol Has Died AND ***Live Updates*** U.S. Capitol Descends into Chaos on Day of Electoral College Certification

A bomb was found at the Republican National Committee Headquarters. Not sure what that was about:

RELATED: NY Times: Pipe Bomb Found at Republican National Committee Headquarters AND ‘Pipe Bomb Reported’: Hill Staff Evacuates As Pro-Trump Mob Storms Capitol Building

I know the Democrats are criticizing what is happening, but their words will fall on deaf ears and could potentially make things worse. It is the Republicans who need to step up and condemn the violence. They have condemned the rioting by left-wing anarchists, they must do the same now.

According to reports, the Electoral College Vote scheduled for today will take place later on tonight.

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