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More on Communist China military training in Canada

I reported on it earlier, but stories are circulating around the world about how Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not only allowed Communist China’s military to train in Canada, but he was the first to invite them. People are absolutely dumbfounded. According to an Access to Information request, Communist China’s army had trained with Canada’s military 17 times, before Canada’s generals finally stood up to Trudeau.

The Daily Wire reports:

Canada’s leftist government reportedly invited communist China’s military to come to their country to train with Canadian soldiers in cold weather conditions, according to classified documents obtained by Rebel News.

“The department of Global Affairs pushed back against a decision last year by Canada’s top soldier to cut back on interactions with China’s People’s Liberation Army, warning Beijing might consider this a reprisal for the arbitrary arrest of two Canadians,” The Globe and Mail reported. “Government documents, seen by The Globe and Mail and marked secret and for Canadian eyes only, show that officials at the highest levels of Global Affairs were alarmed that General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff, had cancelled winter military exercises with the PLA in 2019.”

Levant appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday night where he discussed the story that he broke.

“That cold weather warfare that you’re referring to was just one of 18 different joint projects the Canadian armed forces had with the People’s Liberation Army in 2019 alone,” Levant said. “Canada is training one and two star Chinese generals in our war colleges; we’re training lieutenants, and majors, commanders; we’re sending Canadians over to China; we’re bringing Chinese — I think they’re not just soldiers, I think they’re spies as well — to Canada, and I don’t know a single person in this country who knew about it, but it’s been happening, and we found out about it really by accident when the government sent me freedom of information documents and forgot to black them out or maybe, frankly, someone inside the government wanted to blow the whistle on this incredibly upside down relationship.”

READ: Canada Invited Communist China To Come To Country To Participate In Military Exercises: Reports

As Ezra Levant noted in the interview with Carlson, he wondered if China would use the training provided by Canada to fight the India army who is trying to stop the Communist regime from seizing India territory in the Himalayan mountains.

More on Trudeau’s delusional obsession with Communist China (in Trudeau’s own words):

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