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Has the World Economic Forum infiltrated Canada’s cabinet?

Started by Klaus Schwab in 2017, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is a group of self-proclaimed (see video below), economic, academic and political elitists who believe they know what is best for the world. They are globalists at heart and want to basically tell the world’s serfs how they must live their lives. Recently, Breitbart’s editor-in-chief, Alex Marlow, reported on comments made by WEF’s Executive Chairman, Klaus Schwab, in 2017 allegedly bragging about how his elitist organization influenced Vladimir Putin and as well infiltrated Canada’s cabinet. Breitbart writes: The World Economic Forum, based in Switzerland, “openly claim they’re trying to influence governments. Unelected people, small town of elites in Switzerland, openly advocating to influence governments, Western governments in particular,” Marlow said. “They don’t have any representation of populism,” he continued. “They don’t have any representation of nationalism on their board. It is all the same globalist mindset.” Marlow added that “they’re grooming a younger generation of globalist talent. They’re focused on cultivating this next generation, and they’ve proven that they’re quite good at this.” The editor-in-chief …

Canada: Trudeau’s anti-racist program terminated because of racism?

Earlier, this year, the Liberal government of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, had provided taxpayer funds to Community Media Advocacy Center to develop an anti-racism strategy. However, the federal government was allegedly forced to terminate the contract with the group in late August, after tweets surfaced made by the group’s chief consultant, Laith Marouf. The Blaze provides more of the alleged details: Marouf, a Palestinian-Syrian activist, has a history of well-documented anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist comments, particularly on his now-locked Twitter account, for which the bio reads: “Decolonizing the media since 1999.” One of his tweets said: “You know all those loud mouthed bags of human feces, aka the Jewish White Supremacists; when we liberate Palestine and they have to go back to where they come from, they will return to being low voiced bitches of thier [sic] Christian/Secular White Supremacist Masters.” […] In a posting on July 8, 2022, he attacked French Canadians, writing: “French Frogs are very tasty roasted. Go back to your franco gutter.” READ: Justin Trudeau’s anti-racist program flops after top proponent exposed as …

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, comes out of hiding to insult those protesting his COVID mandates

For the past several days, the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, has basically functioned as the Prime Minister of Canada. This is because the country’s actual Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, went into hiding a couple of days before the truck convoy showed up in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. Now I may not agree with what Watson did, but at least he was trying to do something as thousands of truckers poured into Ottawa demanding an end to the federal government’s COVID mandates. Not only were people watching this event around the world, it was also a federal matter, not a municipal one. Watson even pleaded to Trudeau for help by setting up a dialogue with protestors: Instead, Trudeau came out of hiding to once again insult the tens of thousands of Canadian participating in the ‘Freedom’ demonstrations taking place across the country: Having, a few days earlier, referred to them as Nazis and racists: But people are asking a bigger question, why is the Trudeau government still imposing COVID mandates when Omicron is no worse …

Meet Trudeau’s recent appointee to Canada’s senate?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just appointed Yuen Pau Woo to the Canadian senate. In a recent Tweet, Woo told Canadians that we must accept the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) jurisprudence that allows state police to kidnap Canadians on trumped of charges of spying in response to Canada’s arrest of a Huawei executive (daughter of the founder) at the request of the US government.

Pastor’s wife being held in a secret government facility in Canada?

When a young pastor’s wife got off the plane, she was immediately confronted by a police officer and government official and taken away to a secret government facility. The distraught pastor has no idea what happened to his wife, and the police refused to tell her husband where she is. The only twist of this story is that it didn’t happen in Communist China, it happened in Calgary, Canada. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lockdown rules requiring two week isolation for anyone travelling in from another country at a government facility have not even been announced yet and already police are enforcing it. They have basically imprisoned Chris Mathis’s wife and won’t tell him where they have locked up his wife. The pastor’s wife also had a form stating that she had just tested negative for COVID, but let’s not confuse the story with unnecessary facts. The Western Standard reports: The new [Trudeau] rules weren’t even announced yet Thursday night, but it appears officials at YYC were ready. “(My wife Nikki) arrived in Calgary tonight …

Canadian Army ordered to salute a tyrant?

It is embarrassing to be Canadian these days. Not only did the Canadian military train China’s Peoples Liberation Army 17 times in the art of cold weather fighting, but at last year’s Military World Games held in China, Canadian soldiers were ordered to salute Xi Jinping, China’s ruling tyrant. None of the other democratic countries, such as France and the US, saluted the despot, only Canada and North Korea. Rebel News explains: Resurfaced Chinese state propaganda videos from last year’s Military World Games in Wuhan, China proudly show the Canadian Armed Forces doing something that will make you sick — brace yourselves. The Canadian contingent at the games, representing Canada and its military, were ordered by superiors to salute the Communist dictator of China, Xi Jinping, as they marched past him. This broke with Canada’s traditional allies, including the United States, France and other NATO nations. Canada’s allies refused to salute the dais where Xi sat observing the pageantry of the official opening of the 7th CISM Military World Games. The United States, Germany, South …

More on Communist China military training in Canada

I reported on it earlier, but stories are circulating around the world about how Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not only allowed Communist China’s military to train in Canada, but he was the first to invite them. People are absolutely dumbfounded. According to an Access to Information request, Communist China’s army had trained with the Canadian military 17 times, before Canada’s generals finally stood up to Trudeau.

Chart: Justin Trudeau’s financial incompetence

Since the COVID crisis started, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has gone on an absolute spending spree and left all countries facing the same crisis in his wake as the chart below reveals. What many of the younger generation who voted for Trudeau don’t realize yet is that they are the ones who will ultimately be paying for Trudeau’s massive overspending. Debt is just delayed unpaid taxes.

Tracking Justin Trudeau’s ethic’s scandals

Over the last few years, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has blundered from one ethic’s scandal to the next. However, some allege that the latest scandal smells more like corruption, as Trudeau’s family financially benefited from the Liberal government’s cozy relationship with We Charity. My favourite legal YouTuber, Viva Frei, provides an overview of Trudeau’s scandal-ridden dynasty.

What country in its right mind would base its COVID-19 projections on data supplied by China?

April 8, 2020, posted by Bee Canada. China finally admits their COVID-19 stats are completely wrong because it didn’t include people who had the virus but showed no symptoms. Since millions of people were not included, its death rate calculations are totally exaggerated. Some even accuse the Chinese of purposely suppressing the data. READ: Ottawa won’t admit Canada’s COVID-19 plan is made from counterfeit Chinese parts So why has the Canadian government embraced the Chinese stats? In a speech, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, explains why he totally trusts a communist totalitarian dictatorship: RELATED: Netherlands Recalls 600,000 Defective Masks Sent from China AND Coronavirus: Countries reject Chinese-made equipment AND Coronavirus: Government’s testing chief admits none of 3.5m antibody kits work sufficiently

Camel caravan in Saudi Arabia Credit: Linda Polik/Flickr/Creative Commons

Defending Saudi Arabia

Recently, a huge fight erupted between Canada and Saudi Arabia. If you have not heard about this, you are probably saying “What? Who? Why?” I worked in a large university in Canada, and I taught students from Saudi. Thousands of them go to universities in Canada. The female students removed their veils in my classroom and one of them forgot hers on a table one day. That was the only veil in lost-and-found, when I dropped it off. Canada probably trains most Saudi medical doctors in its medical schools. The two countries have a history, but it’s mostly friendly. Until the blow-up happened, most of us could never imagine those two countries disagreeing about anything. RELATED: Gunter: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince is just using the Liberals to look tough Conservative Islam is the religion of Saudi Arabia; there is no doubt. If you ask the what they believe, they will tell you, … and tell you, … and tell you; and they will try to convert you. That was my experience in the classroom. I’m …

What I find so annoying about Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, is implementing a carbon tax that will increase the price to heat our homes, turn on our lights and run our cars. Yet Canada only produces 1.6% of the CO2 emissions in the world. Even if we completely closed down the country, it would have absolutely no impact on global temperatures. It is all just a symbolic act. I recently produced a video on some things I find annoying about Trudeau’s carbon tax. Yes, I make a couple of comments about my wife in this video. We have been married for nearly 40 years and everyone who knows us feel absolutely sorry for her. Most think she should be officially declared a saint for having put up with me for nearly four decades.